Review: Monday Night Trivia at Fado

Other than the difficulty in finding parking in the River North area and the kitschy Irish decor that made us feel like we were in a Disneyworld restaurant, we thoroughly enjoyed Monday night trivia at Fado.

The food and drinks were standard Irish pub fare and included a nice mix
of draft beers and Irish whiskey.  Some members of our team were
anti-boxty, but if you are a fan of the savory potato pancake, they have
them here in abundance.

The questions started shortly after 7 pm, and were hosted by Brooke and
Michelle.  The trivia format here is unique in that each round is worth
more than the preceding round.  They failed to explain the scoring
system to us in the beginning, so we found this out as we played. 
Essentially, by the fifth round, questions are worth ten points apiece,
whereas the first round of questions were worth only two points each. 
Questions were not organized by topic, but it seemed that each round was
an even mix of literature, history, sports, geography, etc.  Trivia
moved at a good fast pace, grading was done quickly, and scores were
announced at the end of every round.  Nice!  Our personal high of the
night was correctly answering "In what country were playing cards
"  When in doubt, all good things come from China.

The most unique aspect of the trivia night was the final "Greed Round"
where you can list as many answers as you like, but if you miss a single
one, then the entire round is worth nothing.  Our question of the night
was "Name the Top 10 art museums in the world by attendance."  We
started with obvious ones like The Louvre and The Tate (not the taint),
but then we threw in some incorrect answers and ended up with no score
for that round.

We ended the night in fifth place, but prizes were only awarded for the
Top 3 (we're not completely sure, but the prizes involve Heineken
mini-kegs in some way).  We would add Fado to the growing list
of good Monday trivia nights, especially if you need to start a little
early, as its 7 pm start time is unique.

+       Nice variety of questions

+       Unique greed round

+       Nice drink variety

+       7 pm start time

+/-    Boxties

-         Street parking costs 16 quarters

Note: This review was from our visit on April 20, 2009.  If you
think Fado's Trivia has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!


  Fado Irish Pub
  100 W. Grand Ave., Chicago
  7pm to 9:15pm
  Free admission
  2.5 paws (out of 4)

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