Hairstyles Across the Ages!

Click on our slideshow to see our trivia timeline of popular hairstyles across history!

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  • Any quiz that references POISON automatically becomes the BEST QUIZ EVER!!!!

  • I saw a braided skullet at Clark & Brwn Mawr yesterday. Citizen's arrest!

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    Agreed. That's just unfortunate.

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    You should do a slideshow of people how have cut their own bangs. I can offer up a few pics.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    OMG. One of my daughters used to cut her hair all the time hacking it all off (at a friends house) so she could look like her brother. As a kid, my bangs were always cut by my mom...very lovely and straight, I must say.

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    I'm partial to the big 80's hair. I did have a Farrah hair cut around grade school...didn't look as good on me, though.

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