Trivia Host Jeremy's Favorite Trivia Questions!

Last week, we gave you insight into the brilliant mind of a trivia night junkie.  We thought it would also be interesting to find out what the hosts think, so we asked host Jeremy Cahnmann (host of Ranalli's, Rebel, and Firkin & Pheasant and winner of the 2009 Chicago Hearts Trivia award for Smartest Trivia Host) for his favorite trivia questions and answers.  Read on to find out what he had to say.


"Who am I? Why am I here?": Who said it?  That's one of my
favorite bits of trivia and something you might be asking about me right now. 
Where are Sasha and Cate, and why is this guy writing on their blog?  Well
because they asked me to, and I love trivia.  In fact maybe you've come out to
one of the trivia nights I host around the city (Sunday Nights, 670 W. Diversey @
Firkin & Pheasant-CASH PRIZE). For the last 2+ years I have spent 1-4
nights a week hosting pub quizzes in and around Chicago, and I have yet to grow
at all tired of it. I really sort of stumbled into it, when a friend of a
friend was tasked with the job of finding a new host for trivia at Joe's on
Weed St.  I had never done anything like that, but as I have always been known
as the guy that knows lots of useless stuff, I seemed a natural selection.  Well
I took to it like a fish to water and haven't looked back.  I haven't hosted at
Joe's in a while, but I can be found at other Chicago bars (Tuesday Nights @ Rocco's/Ranalli's,
1925 N. Lincoln, SIX WEEK LEAGUE STARTS THIS TUESDAY and it's FREE!!!!), and
along the way I like to think I have learned a thing or two.  It can be tough to
figure out a crowd and what makes a good question, is a question too hard?  Is
it too easy?  Is it too narrow focused in its appeal?  After all the goal is for
folks to come out and have some fun, spend some money, and to get them to come
back again.  I don't want people walking out feeling unchallenged, but I also
don't want them walking away feeling like they are the reasons there are
warnings on bags of airplane peanuts that the product was packaged in a plant
that contains nuts (Really the last bag of peanuts I had, really had that
warning on it?).

Anyway even after two years it is far from an exact science,
and I still swing for fences and miss from time to time, but I like to think I
aim to please and I try and get to know the people who are coming in week after
week.  I let people suggest categories, and from time to time I will let people
make suggestions and write questions on the spot, though that can lead to
problems, such as when somebody wanted a question about chess and I asked what
was the fewest pieces one would have to use in order to checkmate an opponent? 
I was looking for three (Pawn, bishop, queen) that are used in the classic four
move mate, but I forgot that if the opponent is really playing the part of the
fool you don't even need the bishop?  Oops, that's what happens when you don't
have time to verify answers and you write questions on the spot.  Anyway over
the course of my two years in the biz I have penned thousands of questions, met
tons of interesting people, and learned a thing or two along the way.  I would
love to meet you someday too, so come on out and visit me (Wednesday Night @
REBEL BAR & GRILL, 3462 N. Clark in Wrigleyville).  Anyway here is a list of
some of my favorite all time trivia questions!

Dr. Seuss wrote the book Green Eggs & Ham
using only 50 words.  49 of those words are one syllable, what is the only
polysyllabic word in the book Green Eggs & Ham?  (I love this question
because everybody has read the book and knows the story, and it makes you
think, but most people eventually come up with the answer.)

Multiple Choice which city is located furthest:
West Spokane, WA., Canyon City, OR., Reno, NV., Los Angeles, CA., or San Diego,
CA. (Normally I dislike multiple choice questions but this one is fun, because
it has a city you've never heard of in Canyon City, a city you've heard of but
most people have no idea where in Washington Spokane is, a couple of cities
right on the coast- how could it not be one of those, and a city in a state with

Since hitting store shelves in 1964, Lucky Charms
cereal has undergone many changes, most often either changing, adding, or
eliminating marshmallows from the cereal, but there is one marshmallow whose
shape and color has remained unchanged
from the get go which one?  (I like this one because the obvious answer- Green
Clovers is WRONG)

Who provided the voice for the SNL skit "Deep
Thoughts with Jack Handy"?  (Raise your hand if you said Phil Hartman...WRONG...this
one is so easy and yet so many people get it wrong.

There is only one country in the world whose
name is only one word and contains all five vowels A, E, I, O, & U. Name that
country.  (The best answer I ever got for this was UZBEKISTAN-O, I gave them
partial credit for making me laugh.)

How many Alliterative state capitals are there
in the US?  (One of my favorite moments ever was when a team tried to argue with me that my answer was wrong
because I failed to include Philadelphia, PA.  I didn't know what to tell them
first that, Philadelphia, PA despite both starting with P's isn't alliterative
or that Philadelphia isn't the capital of Pennsylvania. ;)

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, how old
would he be?  (Questions like this are great because you really get a feel of
who the short-bussers in the crowd are, I mean its one thing to not know the
answer, but anybody with a brain should be able to logically make a reasonably
close guess, yet I have had people answer everywhere from 150 to 275, now come
on we all know Abe was President during the Civil War and hopefully we all know
the Civil War happened in or around the 1850's or 1860's right?  I would like to
assume that people also realize that most presidents are at least 50 years old
or so when taking office meaning Lincoln had to be born sometime around 1805
give or take 10 years right?  I mean a guess of 150 would make him the first
toddler President  (Sounds like a movie Jack Portnoy or Tugg Speedman would
make) and 275 would have made him almost as old as George Washington.)

What car permanently entered pop culture lore on
June 17th, 1994 when video of one captivated America?  (This one is
just super easy if you know it, and if you don't you feel like you should and
just want to bang your head against the table.)

A college town is defined as a city where the
population of the town is dominated by the University that calls it home.  (In
other words Evanston and Chicago are not college towns but Champaign and
Carbondale are.)  There are 2 college towns in the United States whose names end
in the letter B do you know what they are?

On July 11th 2000 what company
announced the opening of its 20,000th store in Tokyo, Japan?

The song "Eye of the Tiger" is the Theme song from
what popular film?  (So easy and yet still so many people get it wrong)

What song by the band Better Than Ezra do the
New York Giants play after a successful field goal attempt?  HINT: it is a one
word answer.

What legendary classic rock song's name can be
anagrammed to the phrase A VERY HOT WET ASIAN?

"Who Am I, Why Am I Here?": who said it?  HINT: It
was in 1992 and one of my all time favorite quotes this side of "Playoffs?

To end, I'll give you my "ultimate" trivia
question. This is the question that when somebody wants to be stumped I ask it
and NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY has ever answered this question without a ton of
hints or taking about a week to get back to me? There are six people in the
history of baseball who have won World Series Rings with three different teams.  Name
as many of them as you can.

The answers:

Anywhere (I would not eat them here, I would not
eat them there, I would not eat them...)

Reno, NV. (Look at a map its true)

Pink Hearts (Green Clovers are now Green
Leprechaun Hats)

Jack Handy (Yep, he was a writer on SNL who came
up with the skit and voiced it)


Four (Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Dover, and

201 (As of this post though when I first asked
the question the answer was 200)

A White Ford Bronco (Thanks OJ..I still remember
exactly where I was and what I was doing.)

DeKalb, IL. And Macomb, IL. (This question is
great for Chicago, because you know there is a good likelihood that somebody in
the bar actually went to one of those schools and they will hate themselves if
they miss it.)

7-11 (Come on people, it was on July 11th)

Rocky........III (Yeah, how many people just said
Rocky without even thinking about it?)

Hey I don't know anything about Better Than
Ezra, but after a field goal what else good the song be called but GOOD?

Who doesn't love A VERY HOT WET ASIAN? Probably
the same people that don't love the song STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

Admiral Stockdale, who was Ross Perot's senile
Vice Presidential Candidate in 1992.

Okay, really I don't expect anybody to know this
but they are three players most people have never heard of: Stuffy McInnis
(1911 &13 Athletics, 1918 Red Sox and 1925 Pirates), Joe Bush (1913
Athletics, 1918 Red Sox, and 1923 Yankees), Wally Schang (1913 Athletics, 1918
Red Sox, and 1923 Yankees) and three players who most baseball fans would at
least recognize: Lonnie Smith (1980 Phillies, 1982 Cardinals, and 1985 Royals),
Jack Morris (1984 Tigers, 1991 Twins, and 1992 Blue Jays), and Dave Stewart
(1981 Dodgers, 1989 Athletics, and 1993 Blue Jays)

Anyway, that is a sampling of some
of my favorite questions, come on out and visit me at one of my trivia nights and
let me know what you think.  Also, thanks to Cate and Sasha for letting me write
this and I hope to see you out at the bars one of these nights.  In closing I
just want to say SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!

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