I Love You, Man!

Yesterday, we quizzed you on real-life celebrity bromances.  But, pop culture is chock-full of fictional bromances.  We'll give you one half of a television or movie bromance.  You name the other half, and the show or movie featuring the friendship.

Did we forget your favorite bromance?  Leave a comment!
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  • Awesome, so glad you included Bodhi and Johnny Utah, trivia tidbit, name the Academy Award winning director of Point Break?

  • In reply to Etheridge2:

    Kathryn Bigelow! Chicks rule!

  • In reply to Etheridge2:

    Also, the current pictures of Cameron and Ferris kinda depress me.

  • Cory + Shawn were a great bromance. Except when that weird teacher adopted Shawn and they kinda became their own bromance. I'm glad they dropped that story line.

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