10 Great Films That Didn't Win Best Picture

You are bound to get some Oscar questions at your pub trivia night this week.  If you are asked to list films that won Best Picture, don't include any of these.  Here are 10 great films that didn't win Best Picture. Find us on Facebook or Twitter @WeHeartTrivia!


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  • How Green My Valley? Is that even a movie?

  • No love for Fargo, in my eyes the English patient over Fargo is one of the greatest Oscar injustices ever. Shawshank not only didn't win best picture but failed to win even a single Oscar which is a travesty, though that was probably the greatest year of movies in my life.

    Forrest Gump
    pulp Fiction
    Shawshank redemption all in one year and Nobody's Fool was also great.

    Actually 1993-1995 was a goldmine of great movies
    A Few Good Men
    Scent of a Woman
    In the Name of the Father
    Remains of the Day
    Shawshank and Pulp Fiction

    All failed to win Best Picture and all are just GREAT!!!

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