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Whew...It's been a crazy month for me! Between my blog, my business and my 3-year-old this month flew by. The main reason I was so busy was of course that April was Earth Month and the 22nd was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. I tried to attend or participate in as many events, forums and discussions that I could in an effort to help spread the green word and offer my tips & knowledge (or as my friends & family like to call it "craziness") to help people take steps to be kinder to our planet. 
Throughout this month I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some good time with a lot of wonderful people and businesses that are also trying to make Chicago a better, more educated & eco-friendly place. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that you will lend your support and learn more about their products and/or services. If you have any questions or want more information about them, feel free to contact me or take a moment to view their websites.

The Green Parents Network (
They not only host & support wonderful events for the entire family to help educate on how to be more eco-friendly, but their website is a great place to link-up with other local parents and discuss topics ranging from homeopathic remedies to organic gardening and adoption. On their website you can also read helpful articles on the latest recalls, health & safety issues while also starting a discussion, joining in on one or participating in one of the many online forums. 
City Provisions Catering (
City Provisions is a member of The Green Chicago Restaurant Co-Op and have implemented impressive green practices and standards. They do this by working with local farmers, vendors and business partners, sourcing only sustainable seafood and using biodegradable disposables...just to name a few. They even donate their fryer oil to a Chicagoan who converted his car to biodiesel! 
Another wonderful thing that City Provisions does is host and organize supper clubs at local farms, where people can enjoy some wonderful food & entertainment while learning where their food comes from (all while supporting local farmers!). You can learn more about their monthly Supper Clubs and see a 2010 schedule on their website. And lastly, City Provisions is opening up a deli June 1st so that they can share all the local goodness with more of the community. It is located at 1818 W. Wilson Ave. (in the Ravenswood neighborhood) and I will keep you posted on the opening as I plan on checking it out! 
Digital Hub Printing (
I am partial to this company for three reasons -
#1 And most importantly...they are the most eco-friendly printer around! They use only sustainable printing methods, eco-safe inks and pressroom chemistries. Digital Hub has been recognized, awarded and approved by numerous environmental organizations as well (you can view them on all on their website).
#2 They are the nicest people and even do heavy lifting! I participated in a couple events with Digital Hub this month and they could not have been more helpful, especially when my girly self had to carry loads of boxes back to the car. 
#3 They print my Ecominders and are the greatest people to do business with. I love that I can use a local printer five minutes from my house that are not only upstanding and knowledgeable, but also adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They even compost at their facility, donate paper to local Chicago schools AND collect food year-round for The Greater Chicago Food Depository!
E-Cooler (
As most of you know from a previous blog post, I have a beef with Styrofoam. For a zillion reasons we all need to work on reducing the amount of it in our life, especially considering that the life of Styrofoam is FOREVER. For that reason and many more (get the facts on foam here), we need to support the production and purchase of great alternatives to styrofoam. 
The e-cooler is a perfect example of one of these alternatives, by taking a product that is predominately made of styrofoam and refashioning it to be better & more eco-friendly. The e-cooler is made from 100% recyclable and repulpable materials (meaning it can be easily recycled and converted into good quality secondary fiber). It is also more durable than Styrofoam, is reusable and it can be printed with your company logo or whatever you fancy (i.e. "Keep your hands off my PBR"). 
Steve Green of Go Green Management (
Steve Green is one of the more energetic people I have ever met, which considering his career path, is a good thing. Fitting last name aside, Steve created Go Green Management in 2006 to help promote local Chicago eco-friendly professionals and businesses. They have produced numerous networking events over the years (including this year's Go Green Earth Day Celebration) and they are extremely well-versed in the social media department (trust me, I see Steve's face on Twitter numerous times a day!). Go Green also hosts "Weekly Wednesdays" at their Superior House which is an opportunity for local businesses and professionals to meet, learn about social networking and how they can benefit each other. 

In an effort to make Chicago a lil' greener, I love supporting local
eco-friendly professionals and businesses! I will be
continuing to blog about more of these wonderful people and places in Chicago. If you have any you would like to share, please e-mail me at


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  • thanks for sharing! i have used digital hub and i had a great experience. they printed some excellent, eco-friendly cards for my alpaca accessories.

    i look forward to checking out some of these other businesses. keep compiling and sharing!

    kate robertson
    founder, mayu

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