Earth Hour 2010 this Saturday - Use it as an excuse to have a romantic, candelit dinner!

Earth Hour is right up my alley. Of course I fully support encouraging mass amounts of people to turn their lights off for one hour on Saturday (at 8:30pm to be exact), but what I truly love about it is that it is a simple & accessible way of showing people how easy it can be to do one thing for the planet...and hopefully these same people will continue to do one more thing after Saturday. Or ten things, which would be really awesome! In the spirit of World Water Day, you can start by ditching the plastic water bottles, but I will save that topic for another blog entry.

So, I am asking you to turn off your lights at home for one hour this Saturday, at 8:30pm. And in the interest of selfishly getting as many people to turn off the lights on Saturday as possible, I have created a list of the things you can do to make Earth Hour a lil' bit more fun...

1) Use it as an excuse to have a romantic dinner by candlelight. I don't know about you, but after being married for six years and having a 3-year old, the only thing I am using candles for these days is to get the smell out of my house after my son has a dirty diaper.

2) Declare it spa night and use it as an opportunity to make your home into the zen place you wish it always was by lighting lots of candles. Take it up a notch by playing some Enya CDs and let her take you far and away...

Have a slumber party where you pretend that you are camping outdoors (sans uncomfortably sleeping on the ground and unpredictable wildlife), use only your flashlight (a book light will work too) and tell scary stories about what the planet may actually look like in 100 years.

4) Or lastly, you can support one of the many wonderful Chicagoland bars and restaurants that are participating in Earth Hour. Talk about up my alley, having some cocktails AND helping to save the planet. For a list of all of these bars & restaurants and their locations on a map you can visit

You can also learn how to involve your kids in Earth Hour 2010 at and how Illinois is participating in Earth Hour 2010 at

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