Add a Little Green to Your Spring!

Ahhh...Spring in Chicago, my favorite time of year! Here are some great eco-friendly tips to enjoy your outdoor spaces, gardens and backyards this Spring & Summer while being a bit more kind to the planet in the process...

Buy solar powered outdoor lights. The perfect & easy green solution to lighting your backyard or
patio. They don't require any wiring or tricky installation, just push
'em into the ground and after a day of sun you will get a night of
light! You can find them at your local Home Depot.

Start composting and use it to fertilize your plants or garden. Composting is now easier than ever thanks to a myriad of bin choices (, composting information on the web and there is even a composter that you can keep in your kitchen (Nature Mill, which produces quick results without using a lot of energy.

Dramatically reduce your waste and save money on fertilizers by using
your compost instead. You can start taking small steps to reduce your
waste by sprinkling used coffee grounds on your soil which enriches
without chemicals or toxic additives.

Plant your own organic garden.
Save money, the environment and get some good exercise while feeding
your family the healthiest fruits & vegetables grown by you! Get
your kids involved and make it a fun project. There a millions of books
and articles online on how to get started, here is one - Not enough space or time for a garden? Grow your own fresh herbs!

One of the best things you can do right now for the health of your family, pets and environment is to stop using toxic weed killers on your lawn.

Read up and become more informed about what is actually in the weed
killers and pesticides that are sprayed all over our lawns, playing
fields, golf courses, etc (
Think about how often your kids and pets (or golf-obsessed husbands)
are outside running around on lawns that have recently been sprayed.
These chemicals are then tracked into your homes where they contaminate
the air, dust, surfaces & carpets, sometimes at levels up to ten
times higher than during application.

There are organic and safe
alternatives out there which work just as well and do not put the  health of your
family and pets at risk. Look online for a "truly green" lawn care
company in your area. Greenwise Organic Lawn Care is a newer company out of Evanston that practice truly sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping methods. The company was started by a couple who are committed to nutrturing the growth of your lawn & garden garden through organic methods that are non-toxic. And they are really nice people to boot!

I will continue to provide tips like these throughout the Spring &
Summer, if you have any suggestions please e-mail me at

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