First Impressions: Brian Urlacher

Heads-up: This piece has nothing to do with football.

Well, I may say the word "football" a few times, but that's about it. No "knee" commentary here. Heck, I barely learned how to keep score in football--about a year ago. No joke.

I merely wanted to tell you about the time I met Brian Urlacher at his home. And how nice he was.

I was with a friend. We had to drop something off at Brian's or pick something up--for another friend who is close with Brian.  It was the only time I ever saw him. I spent, oh, maybe half an hour there. My friend talked with him and his guest. I played with one of his kids--who'd wander into what appeared to be Brian's "rec room"--filled with game-winning balls, I imagine (in clear cases), photos, a jersey or two?  I just remember thinking..."This opportunity is SO wasted on ME."

I texted a friend (a h u g e Bears fan), "I'm at Brian Urlacher's house right now."  His response:  "I hate you."

Brian was very polite, down-to-earth, and even changed his kid's poopy diaper.

For anyone who cares:  Yes, he looks like he's chiseled out of marble. His physique is something to behold.

For the record, I've met my share of "celebrities" (my favorites being John Travolta and David Hyde Pierce, who were absolute dolls).

I don't really get star-struck.  But I love to meet famous people who are nice. And afterward, when I see the articles written about them in the paper, the words seem to have more dimension. I'm able to attach at least a first impression to those words. The person is no longer just a caricature. And I care a little bit more.

Anyhoo, I hope Brian's knee heals up. Not just for the football. But just because.

There you have it. (And I said "football"...five times).

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