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How Chicago's Made Me Who I Am Today- Part 2

  I sometimes think that if I hadn’t moved as a kid from Chicago to L.A., I might have wondered as an adult what all the fuss over Southern California was about. I might have developed a wanderlust of sorts–and abandoned the amazingness that is Chicago. It happens, after all. We’ve all known the Chicagoan... Read more »

This One's About Me Being Fat

When I was 12 years old, I made fun of a fat person. I was in Jr. High.  I was very skinny at the time. A very fat friend of mine (go figure) suggested that we should yell out the name of the fat person (Joe) and then turn around as if we hadn’t yelled... Read more »

Souvenir for the Dying

So there’s this lady at my Grandma’s nursing home. Name is Dorothy. Probably mid-80’s. Stroke victim and who knows what else. Very slurred speech, sunken eyes, pale skin (paler and more bruised by the day), gaunt. At this point, I’m downright tired of being around old sick people. Much of the last 2+ years, I’ve... Read more »

An Ode to Public Transit

  I’ve seen a myriad homeless man arguing/singing/evangelizing–for an audience or for himself. I’ve seen a dad open up a can of Sprite and pour it into his hungry baby’s bottle.  I’ve seen a woman hawking seemingly-stolen purses while using a lighter to burn sensors off of men’s slacks (and flicking plastic sensor remnants onto... Read more »