And So It Begins: A Tale of a Chicago Love Affair

Never mind that I currently reside in perpetually-warm Los Angeles. Never mind that I'm a 30-minute drive from the ocean. Never mind that palm trees line any given street in any given neighborhood in any given vicinity here. Throughout Chicago's record-breaking Heat Wave the past couple of weeks, I was downright jealous of you all. The thought of you partaking of the amazingness that is 80-degree Chicago while I was, well, NOT? It was torturous.

If this were a soap opera--better yet, a Spanish telenovela, I'd be the character who has a perfectly-good catch in front of her. A hunk named Jorge. And the hunk loves her and provides lots of good things like a roof over her head and loyalty. But maybe, in her eyes, he's a bit bland. And so she's enticed by the dynamic ultra-hunk named Luis Armando. Because who could really compare to Luis Armando--with his mustache and all? Yes, in this analogy, Luis Armando is none other than Chicago.

Such is life for the Chicago Addict. It is being deeply in love with a place where you cannot currently be (because of things like family health issues or money issues) and comforting yourself with the assurance that when things settle down again, you'll return to this inimitable Love of Your Life. You'll return to Chicago.

So until Chicago and I meet in person once more, there is this here Chicago + Girl = Love. A place for me to express said love. And to "be" in Chicago. If only in my heart.

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  • I love you, ChicagoLiz!! Keep writing about Chicago. I love reading about it. You are creating a Chicago lover in this cold-phobia girl.

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