Kim Kardashian Very Special Christmas Gift to Kim Kardashian

While millions of children suffer from being homeless and hungry, thousands have lost their homes and belongings to Hurricane Sandy and many people can’t afford Christmas gifts. Kim Kardashian  uploads a photo of a Gold iPhone.  I don’t know why the American public supports such a shallow person whose only claim to fame is a sex tape and... Read more »

Skeletons in Your Closet

While you were so busy judging others You left your closet open and a lot of skeletons fell out Oops!! Lesson of the day: Stop judging others on their past mistakes

Welcome To World of K

Welcome to my world. I’m very happy to be a part the Chicago Now Family. Hopefully you will walked away from my blog feeling a little better about life. I’m here to share my life experiences through words, music, & common sense. The best is yet to come. Thanks for visiting my new blog and feel free to... Read more »