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City Farm Urban Harvest 2010

City Farm and Resource Center’s fall celebration features food, drinks, music ,potato sack races and hay rides. Adults (over 19) $35.00 Youth (12-18) $10.00 Children (0 to 11) Free. Saturday, October 09, 2010 from 4PM-9PM. Buy tickets here. Great opportunity to tour of Chicago’s finest examples of urban agriculture. Here’s a cool video that explains... Read more »

Cook County Jail Garden Harvest Fest 2010

Cook County Jail Garden Harvest Fest 2010
Gardens are great equalizers; they’re also places where people can get a second chance. Today was the annual harvest festival and graduation ceremony at the Cook County Jail’s garden. Really, they need to start calling it an urban farm, a working urban farm.  As I blogged about last year, the jail garden constructed a greenhouse... Read more »

Working at Chicago Botanic Garden's Green Youth Farm

Working at Chicago Botanic Garden's Green Youth Farm
What’s it like to work at Green Youth Farm? Three high school kids who are part of the program share their thoughts on what they get out of spending their summers working at Green Youth Farm. At Green Youth Farm they learn skills ranging from- organic farming to cooking and selling the food they grow... Read more »

Peterson Garden Re-dedication This Saturday

Peterson Garden Re-dedication This Saturday
Since the City’s fireworks show will be held on July 4th, that frees up your July 3rd to attend the Peterson Garden Re-dedication tomorrow. The Peterson Garden has sprung up, virtually overnight, at the site of one of the original Victory Gardens during WW2. Stop by between 4-8PM for a costume parade (both kids &... Read more »

'The Garden Conversations' Documents the 61st Street Community Garden

Photo by Patricia Evans used with permission of As the camera passes by an unidentified woman she asks, “Are you making a documentary about the death of the garden?” Off camera a man’s voice responds, “No, it’s the life of the garden.” The Garden Conversations is a collaborative effort between videographer Aaron Cahan, photographer... Read more »

Urban Chickens in Chicago

Did you catch the backyard chicken segment on Chicago Tonight? Rich Samuels profiles four people in the Chicago area that keep backyard chickens. Linda Nellett Northwest side of Chicago, Juliet Martinez, Southwest side of Chicago, Helen Standen of OakPark and Laurie Zoloth  of Evanston. Laurie Zoloth, bioethicist at Northwestern University, is currently violating Evanston’s ordinance... Read more »

Why we can't Afford to bring an Urban Farmer to Chicago

On August 19th GapersBlock posted Bring an Urban Farmer to Chicago. It was a call to drum up support to bring Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City, to Chicago to teach workshops about urban farming. I’ve read nothing but good things about Farm City and I’m sure Ms. Carpenter is a very nice person who... Read more »

Wood Street Urban Farm in Englewood

The Wood Street Urban Farm is a USDA Certified organic production farm in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. It was started in 1992 by Les Brown, Director of Policy for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, who passed away in 2005, as a training program for the homeless and jobless. Today, the Wood Street Urban Farm employs... Read more »

Mayor Daley Didn't Answer My Question

L-R: Helen Cameron, Mayor Daley, Natalie Pfister Mike Cameron Back in June I visited the organic rooftop farm at Uncommon Ground on Devon and after visiting it I asked Natalie Pfister, the farm’s Director, if a couple of local garden bloggers could visit it on July 11th. After scheduling the private tour I received word... Read more »

How to Stake Tomato Plants

Photo courtesy of In the post on determinate and indeterminate tomatoes it was recommended to stake indeterminate tomatoes. But even determinate tomatoes could benefit from being stakes and supported. The main reason for staking and supporting tomato plants is to keep the plants and fruit off the ground and lessen the chance of transmitting... Read more »
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