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How To Hybridize Daylilies in Your Garden

In this post I’m going to use really simple language and not go into much detail, if you need clarification or more info we can talk in the comments section. I will provide some links at the end if you’d like to delve further into the world of hybridizing daylilies. One of the ways you... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/26/2009

Some photos of the things blooming in my garden. The photo above is of purple Liatris commonly known as Blazing Star or Gay Feather. It has been a Bumblebee magnet in the garden this year and I have to make note to plant more of these bulbs in the garden.  Echinacea ‘Magnus’ has larger than... Read more »

Daylilies Blooming at Chicago Garden

It is daylily season in the garden right now and I thought I’d share some photos from the daylilies putting on a show in the garden. Most of these daylilies I don’t have names for because they were given to me by a gardener but even without names they are pretty nice to look it.... Read more »

Flowering Weeds at Chicago Garden

Three common garden weeds currently blooming in my garden and that you can find all around Chicago; in sidewalks, empty lots and gardens.  The blue flower in the image above is Asiatic Dayflower, an introduced plant to Illinois, it can grow erect or sprawl and can be found blooming from June to October. The flowers... Read more »

First Flower

I found myself not being able to sleep late last night, so I turned on Channel 11 and saw they were running one of my favorite documentaries. First Flower is about the hunt to discover the origin of flowering plants. The grandmother, if you will, of many of the plants you find in our gardens... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/09/09

Lately, I’ve been meeting a number of gardeners and when I mention that I maintain a couple of garden blogs they’ve ask: “Do you have a garden or just blog about it?” So, I present to you a few photographs of what is blooming in garden as proof that I actually have a garden. The... Read more »

Butterfly Gardening

Gardening for butterflies is a lot different than gardening to attract bees to your garden in Chicago. Butterflies need two kinds of plants; host plants that butterflies can lay eggs on and the caterpillars can eat on and nectar plants that butterflies can feed upon. To be honest, I never set out to attract butterflies... Read more »

Sex in the Garden

Today on Twitter there was a lot of snickering about the cover story of today’s RedEye. I went out to get a hard copy of the paper but it was out, which is usual in my neighborhood, but I ended up reading the online version of the story. After chuckling about the content of the... Read more »

Orange Daylily

Different people mark the beginning of summer in a variety of different ways. Joe The Cop, fellow CN blogger, may note it by the increase of arrests he makes. I mark the beginning of summer by the arrival of the common orange daylily. I don’t care what the calendars say, I don’t care how many... Read more »

Deadheading Plants

Deadheading is the process of removing spent or fading flowers from a plant. It is usually done with scissors, garden shears or a knife. The purpose of deadheading is to encourage a plant to send out a second wave of flowers. If you think about it–Flowers, while beautiful, are really just traffic cones or signal... Read more »