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Gardening in a Grow Box

Gardening in a Grow Box
Deluxe Grow Box on the left, A Garden Patch’s Grow Box on the right.  I am simultaneously a lover and hater of gimmicky garden tools, especially items that purport to make gardening easier. Gardening is already easy, so a lot of garden products get a big eye roll from me. Whenever I heard gardeners talk... Read more »

My Porch Garden

My Porch Garden
Here’s a picture of my porch garden. I’m growing vegetables, herbs, annuals and houseplants in containers on this little porch out back. The weather is my biggest problem with this container garden because it is full sun, sometimes the heat is unbearable back there. A list of the plants pictured after the jump.  Tomatoes Okra... Read more »

Cracked Tomatoes

Cracked Tomatoes
You’re watching a tomato ripen on the vine and your mouth is watering at the thought of that tomato finally ripening. Then you go to pick your tomato from the vine and notice that it is cracked! What went wrong? Tomatoes will split and crack as they grow because of fluctuations in the soil moisture.... Read more »

Best Potting Soil For Edible Container Gardens

Best Potting Soil For Edible Container Gardens
There are a lot of ways you can be frugal in your garden and save some money. The potting mix you use in your container gardens should be something you feel comfortable splurging on. In my opinion, the best potting soil for edible container garden is the Happy Frog line of potting soil distributed by... Read more »

Garden at Night, Plant a Moon Garden

Recently, on Facebook I mentioned that I don’t really get any work done until the evening and late at night is when I feel my most creative. A friend suggested that I plant a moon garden to combine my nocturnal and gardening activities.   What is a Moon Garden?  A moon garden is a series... Read more »

Vegetables and Herbs for a Sunny Garden

Last year when I visited the organic rooftop farm at Uncommon Ground on Devon the farm manager at the time mentioned that growing on the roof posed several challenges. The rooftop farm is exposed to full sun and it gets very hot up there. This year, while planning the garden on the back porch I... Read more »

Chicago Flower and Garden Show: Speakers

You can avoid the crowds by attending the Chicago Flower and Garden Show after work or in the evenings, it is open until 8PM on weekdays. Here are a few lectures that start at 6:15PM that Chicago and urban gardeners should catch.  Monday, March 8. Mike Nowak. Readings from the shady Side of Gardening. Tuesday,... Read more »

Garden Books: Gifts for Gardeners

Garden books make great gifts for the gardener on your holiday list. Here are a couple of recently published books I recommend that you can find at the local bookstore. 1.Container Gardens: 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening by P. Allen Smith. Reviewed here on this blog. Great for urban gardeners/container gardeners. 2. The Garden of... Read more »

Review: Container Gardens 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening

Last week a representative from Crown Publishing Group – Random House, Inc. offered to send me Container Gardens: 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening by P. Allen Smith to review. Since I try to include ideas for container gardening on this blog because many Chicagoans live in apartments or small spaces I agreed to take a... Read more »

Container Garden Spider Check

Over the weekend as I was emptying out my container gardens and placing the containers underneath the stairs for the winter I got a few surprises. I know spiders are beneficial insects to have in the garden, but I can’t help be creeped out by spiders. As I was putting the pots away I kept... Read more »
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