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How to Store Garden Seeds for Next Year

After you’ve collected and dried seeds from your garden the next step is to find suitable containers to hold them in. Here are some ideas for storing seeds. Plastic baggies– I bought a couple of packages of them from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and still have a lot. I’ve found that they last... Read more »

Collecting Seeds in the Garden

Seed saving season in the garden is underway and I thought I’d share some tips that I find useful when trying to save seeds for next year. The first thing I’d recommend for a new frugal gardener to do is start an Emergency Seed Saving Kit. You can place this kit in the glove compartment... Read more »

Chicago Botanic Garden Green Roof Garden

Hope for the Healing Planet exhibit Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2009. Click for larger view. If you visited the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2009 and walked the Hope for the Healing Planet exhibit of the Chicago Botanic Garden you got a preview of the green roof at the Botanic Garden’s Rice Plant Conservation... Read more »

Chicago's Invasive Plant List

On May 9, 2007 the City Council passed the Invasive Species Ordinance that made it unlawful to possess certain invasive plant and animal species. At the time the plants on the list were mostly aquatic plants, but this year the list was updated to include land-based invasive plants. The updated Invasive Species Ordinance now makes... Read more »

How To Hybridize Daylilies in Your Garden

In this post I’m going to use really simple language and not go into much detail, if you need clarification or more info we can talk in the comments section. I will provide some links at the end if you’d like to delve further into the world of hybridizing daylilies. One of the ways you... Read more »

Wal-Mart Would 'Rollback' Cost of Gardening in Chatham

I love Chicago’s garden centers as much as the next gardener, but they are too far away from where I live to make shopping there convenient. As nice as they are the prices n. As much as I would like to support these independent garden centers it really isn’t within my budget to do so... Read more »

A Garden in Chicago Growing "Hope"

On the corner of Wood and Polk Streets in the middle of the University of Illinois at Chicago medicinal center hope grows alongside the periwinkle, aloe and may apple. Situated next to the College of Pharmacy, the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden was constructed and is maintained in memory of Dorthy Bradley Atkins, who... Read more »

Garden Path Ideas

The path in my small urban garden wasn’t really planned, it grew out of necessity and convenience. Before I started my garden everyone in the family cut across our “lawn” from the front stairs to the gangway to reach the side and back of the house. Once I started putting in plants I noticed that... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/26/2009

Some photos of the things blooming in my garden. The photo above is of purple Liatris commonly known as Blazing Star or Gay Feather. It has been a Bumblebee magnet in the garden this year and I have to make note to plant more of these bulbs in the garden.  Echinacea ‘Magnus’ has larger than... Read more »

Daylilies Blooming at Chicago Garden

It is daylily season in the garden right now and I thought I’d share some photos from the daylilies putting on a show in the garden. Most of these daylilies I don’t have names for because they were given to me by a gardener but even without names they are pretty nice to look it.... Read more »