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One Seed Chicago Herb Debate This Sunday Morning

One Seed Chicago Herb Debate This Sunday Morning
    Tomorrow morning Mike Nowak will host the first One Seed Chicago debate. Cilantro, basil and chamomile will each have a representative on the radio show. Clinatro will be represented by Twitter’s @SnappyJDog, chamomile by garden girl, and basil by the Anthony Todd, the food and drink editor of Chicagoist. You can listen to... Read more »

In Defense of Hugh Raffles' "Mother Nature's Melting Pot"

In Defense of Hugh Raffles' "Mother Nature's Melting Pot"
Recently the Op-Ed by Hugh Raffles, Mother Nature’s Melting Pot, in the NYT has ruffled a lot of feathers in the gardening world. As I watched the reaction to it trickle through my social media channels I was really surprised with how negatively the opinion piece was received by gardeners. Some of the criticism of... Read more »

National Holiday Wreath Awareness Week

National Holiday Wreath Awareness Week
Photo Credit  It is estimated that every year thousands of innocent statues, sculptures and lawn ornaments fall victim to the careless disposal of holiday wreaths in the weeks after New Year’s Day. Holiday wreaths make great decorations for the home or garden, but a danger lurks behind their festive exterior. Just like birds and... Read more »

'Gardyn' A Visual & Aural Garden Feast

'Gardyn' A Visual & Aural Garden Feast
What do you get when you combine a mother with a passion for gardening and a son with musical talent? You get ‘Gardyn’ a mix of a son’s interview with his mother about gardening and beats he created around the garden. 4 You can read about how the track and video, a gift to his... Read more »

Blogiversary at Chicago Garden

Today is the first anniversary of the beta launch of ChicagoNow. Since this blog, Chicago Garden, was one of just over 30 blogs the site was launched with I guess this makes it Chicago Garden’s anniversary too.  In the past year I’ve written 229 entries with 1,054 comments. I’m not sure how the staff of ChicagoNow... Read more »

Treehugger can't tell Mexicans from Cambodians when Defending School Gardens

I’ve been reading most of the articles and garden blogger attempts to counter the article by Caitlin Flanagan, that I think is a hilarious burn, in The Atlantic. Most of them seem to be emotionally based reactions with lots of pom poms, but offer very little of the defense the titles promise. After speaking briefly... Read more »

African "Sausage Tree" Fruiting at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Kigela africana, or Sausage Tree, is a native of the southeastern region of Africa. This is the second year the tree has set fruit at the Lincoln Park Conervatory, the picture in this post is from last year. The fruits can weigh as much as 20 pounds each and measure 2 feet long. The tree... Read more »

Is Alice Waters "Cultivating Failure" with Edible Schoolyard Program?

I believe that gardens are good things; I believe that exposing kids to gardening and other outdoor activities are good things–I believe this with every fiber of my being. Yet, I think the article Cultivating Failure by Caitlin Flanagan for The Atlantic is a thing of genius. If you’re a fan of Alice Waters you... Read more »
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