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Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12

Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12
  Don’t care much about growing vegetables in your Chicago garden? Are you one of the many Chicagoans that are annoyed by the yearly planting of annuals and tropical plants that will die or be composted in the fall because they don’t survive winters in Chicago? Maybe gardening with native plants is for you. THE... Read more »

Garden at Night, Plant a Moon Garden

Recently, on Facebook I mentioned that I don’t really get any work done until the evening and late at night is when I feel my most creative. A friend suggested that I plant a moon garden to combine my nocturnal and gardening activities.   What is a Moon Garden?  A moon garden is a series... Read more »

Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2010: All about the "Drama."

(UPDATE: My recap of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show is here.) The Chicago Flower and Garden Show returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier this weekend with a “Cultivating Great Performances” theme. Theatergoers and kids will delight in the way their favorite shows and books have been interpreted into gardens. Below some photos of today’s media... Read more »

White House Veggie Garden Inspires African American Gardeners, Seed Company Hopes to do Same.

Beyond the Obama head planter and the Chia Obama, the First Family has created an interest in gardening among many, but among African Americans in particular. “We had a lot more gardeners last year,” said Dr. Shemuel Israel, President of the North Lawndale Greening Committee on Chicago’s West Side. He credits the recession and First... Read more »

President Obama Head Planter

On the first day of the IGC Show I spotted what looked like, from a distance,  a head pot of former President George W. Bush. The second day of the show I made sure to get a close-up view of the head planter in question and was surprised to learn that the head was actually... Read more »

A Garden in Chicago Growing "Hope"

On the corner of Wood and Polk Streets in the middle of the University of Illinois at Chicago medicinal center hope grows alongside the periwinkle, aloe and may apple. Situated next to the College of Pharmacy, the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden was constructed and is maintained in memory of Dorthy Bradley Atkins, who... Read more »

Butterfly Photography at Chicago Garden

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a professional photographer, but every once in a while I take a photograph in the garden that I like. Last week was a pretty good day for butterfly photography in the garden. I managed to get a couple of photographs of butterflies that I liked. Here... Read more »

What Kind of ivy Grows at Wrigley Field?

Parthenocissus Tricuspidata, commonly known as Boston Ivy is a member of the grape family. It is also known as Japanese creeper, Grape Ivy or Japanese ivy. This is the ivy that covers the outfield wall at Wrigley Field. Boston Ivy should not be confused with English Ivy, Hedera helix, or any hybrids, especially if you... Read more »

Potager: French Kitchen Garden

The potager garden is the counterpart to the English kitchen garden and different than a Victory Garden. Victory Gardens date back to World War I and World War II and were planted in an effort to reduce the demand on the public food supply and were also propaganda to boost the morale of the nations... Read more »

Little Village Pocket Park

I’ve noticed a couple of small gardens emerge in the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago this spring and summer. Today I got a lead on who was responsible for these tiny gardens from Lee Bouchard at Urban Habitat Chicago and her suspicion that they were managed by Enlace Chicago turned out to be correct. I... Read more »