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"Please do not steal the Vegetables!!"

"Please do not steal the Vegetables!!"
  This summer Chicagoans have been treating community gardens like personal food banks.  After spending their summer carefully cultivating fruits, herbs and vegetables, some community gardeners are being beaten to the harvest by vegetable thieves. While not as expensive as rubies, diamonds and emeralds, these tomatoes, cucumbers and melons are just as tempting and pricey. Heirloom plants and seeds... Read more »

Chicago Gardeners 7/25/10

I’m going to try something new here and share some local gardening links. I’m not sure if I’m going to make this a weekly or monthly feature. What I want to do here is share some links from fellow Chicago gardeners. The links may be to blog posts or they may be to pictures, video,... Read more »

How The Dearborn Garden Walk Transformed a Neighborhood.

How The Dearborn Garden Walk Transformed a Neighborhood.
Walking around the Gold Cost neighborhood today it is hard to imagine that this Near North neighborhood was once declared a “slum” through the Land Clearance Act of 1948. Today, the neighborhood is home to some of Chicago’s wealthiest residents, designer boutiques like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Harry Winston, and many more. I’m not old enough... Read more »

White House Veggie Garden Inspires African American Gardeners, Seed Company Hopes to do Same.

Beyond the Obama head planter and the Chia Obama, the First Family has created an interest in gardening among many, but among African Americans in particular. “We had a lot more gardeners last year,” said Dr. Shemuel Israel, President of the North Lawndale Greening Committee on Chicago’s West Side. He credits the recession and First... Read more »

'The Garden Conversations' Documents the 61st Street Community Garden

Photo by Patricia Evans used with permission of As the camera passes by an unidentified woman she asks, “Are you making a documentary about the death of the garden?” Off camera a man’s voice responds, “No, it’s the life of the garden.” The Garden Conversations is a collaborative effort between videographer Aaron Cahan, photographer... Read more »

Vegetable Garden at Cook County Jail

Cook County Jail Vegetable Garden. (Panorama-click to enlarge) The last place you expect to see a vegetable garden is behind tall fences topped off with razor wire, but at the Cook County Jail there is a 13 thousand square-foot vegetable garden grown by inmates. This vegetable garden is a joint effort by The Cook County... Read more »

Chicago Gardeners: Dirty Fingernails Photo Contest

If you’re a gardener you probably look at a lot of books and magazines with hand models who have perfectly manicured nails holding tools, plants, seedlings or produce. If you’re anything like me you probably laugh at such ridiculousness. Anyone who spends time in a garden, no matter how small, knows that dirty nails come... Read more »

Chicago TomatoFest Potluck Supper

If you purchased heirloom tomatoes during the Chicago TomatoFest plant sales you’re invited to the Second Annual Chicago TomatoFest Potluck Supper at the Chicago Honey Coop. The event celebrates the end of tomato growing season in Chicago and you’re asked to bring a dish that showcases the heirloom tomatoes you grew all season. The tickets... Read more »

Chicago's Tomato Queen

Today was the Show Me Your Tomatoes contest at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba and I’m proud to announce that the winner is a local garden blogger and reader of Chicago Garden. Gina, who has been chronicling her gardening adventures at My Skinny Garden for the past two years, took home the prize for tastiest tomato... Read more »

Garden Tools and Plants at Independent Garden Center Show

The last post about the Independent Garden Center Show here at Chicago Garden. Garden pots outnumbered plants and a tools at the show, but I spotted a few that I liked.  Echinacea ‘Mac N Cheese’ and Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ pictured above. Anyone else hungry? I’m told that in Chicago they will be (or already are)... Read more »