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Fighting Chicago's Gang Problem with Gardens

Fighting Chicago's Gang Problem with Gardens
Monday morning I woke up and checked Twitter to see a story on the Trib about gang violence in my neighborhood taking the life of one, and wounding four others. I wish I could say it was surprising, but this kind of story becomes all too common around these parts in the summer. Waking up... Read more »

Chicago Garden Walks 2013

It’s that time of year when gardeners across the city open up their garden gates to neighbors and fellow gardeners across the city. The first garden walk I’ve been informed of starts this weekend. Here are some Chicago garden walks for 2013. 7th Annual Northcenter Neighborhood Garden Walk Sunday, June 23, 2013 12-5pm. Tour begins... Read more »

Lurie Garden Salvia River

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As I type this the weather for the weekend in Chicago is looking rather rainy. If you’re downtown on Friday you should make sure to make a trip to see the Lurie Garden Salvia River which looks really nice this time of year. If you can’t make it to the garden, check out this short... Read more »

Chicago Beekeeper Hopes Graffiti Artists Tag Her Hives

Chicago Beekeeper Hopes Graffiti Artists Tag Her Hives
Is graffiti art, or vandalism? Whatever your views on tagging and graffiti, at least one Chicago beekeeper hopes graffiti artists tagg her hives. Jana Kinsman, founder of Bike a Bee, seems to have been typing out loud on Twitter recently and openly invited taggers and artists to contribute to the unique look of the many... Read more »

[UPDATE] A trip to Platt Hill Nursery Reminds us of Chicago's Gang Problem.

[UPDATE] A trip to Platt Hill Nursery Reminds us of Chicago's Gang Problem.
Recently, I heard that a suburban garden center was planning on doing some marketing in the city to entice gardeners in Chicago to visit their garden center. I posted about this on a social media site because I thought it was unlikely that city gardeners would travel all the way to the northern suburbs for... Read more »

How to Grow Poppies From Seeds

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I love growing poppies in my garden, and I am always recommending other gardeners do it too. But it seems like a lot of gardeners who visit my post on sowing poppy seeds, and even gardeners I know in real life, have trouble getting poppy seeds to germinate in the garden. So I’ve put together... Read more »
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