Vote for Chamomile in One Seed Chicago's "Year of the Herbs"

Vote for Chamomile in One Seed Chicago's "Year of the Herbs"

One Seed Chicago, the urban greening project by NeighborSpace, is back. This year's candidates are basil, cilantro, and chamomile.  How One Seed Chicago works: Every year One Seed Chicago puts up three seed for a vote and allows Chicagoans to vote for their favorite. The one with the most votes gets crowned the winner and every Chicagoan that voted gets the seeds for free in the mail come spring.

Everyone who gardens in Chicago grows basil-been there, done that!  Even saved the seeds. Who, besides people who like the taste of soap, wants to eat and cilantro? It should be against the law to grow and serve cilantro, but until I'm POTUS and can sign an executive order banning it I'll just have to live with the fact people like this nasty herb. That leaves us with the only viable option, chamomile. Unlike the other two candidates it isn't overexposed and would actually be something new for many Chicago gardeners. It's aromatic, edible and the blooms are really attractive.  Can the other two candidates say that? Well, I suppose they could but nobody should believe them. I have it on good authority that basil and cilantro are prone to telling fibs. Unlike chamomile who is above reproach. So, when you go to the One Seed Chicago ballot box cast your vote for chamomile.

Working on One Seed Chicago I have a lot of influence on the project, but unfortunately I can't rig the election. So I need your help. If you have a blog you can take the picture from this post and write a post explaining why Chicagoans should vote for chamomile. If you don't have a blog you can link your friends on Facebook or Twitter to the ballot box and tell them to cast a vote for chamomile. Together we can make chamomile the herb that Chicagoans across our city will be growing in their own garden. You can even hold a One Seed Chicago election in your school, workplace, library, garden club meeting, or anywhere Chicagoans gather. Download the volunteer polling booth and teacher resource kit here(PDF).

Vote for Chamomile, the herb with sex appeal!

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  • Go team chamomile! Basil, yep - been there, done that. I love basil. Brushing up against in the garden is delightful as it releases its wonderful scent. But, it may be the most commonly-grown annual herb. I love cilantro too, although I don't see it winning since it's definitely a love it or hate it herb, and it usually bolts before its favorite companion, tomatoes, are ripe.

    But chamomile . . . well, that's a different story. True, it does grow wild, all over the place. But how many people grow it in their gardens? That's right, not so many. Definitely not as many as grow basil. And people, look at those pretty blooms and that finely-cut foliage! Plus, chamomile tea, made with both the flowers and leaves, will soothe an upset stomach, boost your immune system, relieve anxiety, quiet muscle spasms (including menstrual cramps,) help insomniacs fall asleep, and even help fight complications of diabetes. seriously. Go ahead, google it and learn the many health benefits of chamomile!

  • I just voted for chamomile as well. I drink the tea every day and truly believe I would be a terrible insomniac without it. I also find it so easy to grow and it seems to bloom forever in my garden. Yay for chamomile! By the way, it's so nice to read your blog in the winter!

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