Veggie Bingo: It's Not Your Grandma's Bingo!

Veggie Bingo: It's Not Your Grandma's Bingo!
If your idea of fun doesn't include weekly bingo games because you think it is a game played by grandmas in a church basement--you should try Veggie Bingo. Backyard gardeners, foodies, community gardeners, urban farmers and those who just like to play Bingo gather on Wednesday nights at The Hideout for Veggie Bingo.Once a week this eclectic group of folks competes for prizes ranging from locally made food items to gift certificates to local businesses, while munching on grilled hot dogs and tofu dogs. The Grand Prize every week is a box of fresh vegetables that you can take home and prepare. 
Bingo cards are $1.00 a piece or 6 for $5.00. Each week a new community garden is highlighted and proceeds benefit various community gardens around Chicago. 
According to Ben Helphand, Executive Director of NeighborSpace--Chicago's land trust for community gardens--Last year Veggie Bingo was able to raise almost $4,000.
While the recession slowed donations and funding for our local community gardens and greening efforts, demand for the services they provide has increased. 
"All the money collected was donated to 14 community gardens across the city to purchase essential items like soil and tools or to help run youth garden programs,"  Says, Helphand. 
Playing Veggie Bingo is a way to connect with other like-minded Chicagoans and raise funds for groups who make Chicago greener. It's even family friendly, but anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. 
This growing season's first Veggie Bingo will be played on Wednesday, June 16 at 6PM, and every Wednesday this summer through September 29, 2010. The Hideout is located at 1354 West Wabansia. If you or your business would like to donate prizes to Veggie Bingo contact Ben Helphand at 


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  • Veggie Bingo - LOL! What a great idea. Sounds like fun. Good on you, spreading the word.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Hi SSGardenGirl,

    Thanks :)

  • Do the bingo cards have veggies on them so it's like B-carrot or G-rutabaga? That would be awesome! I went to bingo once and it was indeed in a church basement with older ladies. I said ONCE! And iit was all my (ex)friend's fault!

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    I've been to bingo games with church ladies, too! No, the cards are not that kitschy. They're normal bingo cards. Although, they just got some new ones that have little sliding "windows" that are reusable.

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