Homemade Garden Plant Markers

Herb Plant Markers.png

Whenever I buy a new plant I always tell myself that I will keep the plant marker that came with the plant. Eventually the plant marker gets lost and replacing them can be expensive if you have a lot of plants. I've taken to making my own garden plant markers out of various things I find around the house and keeping them out of landfills if only for a short while. 

I was reminded of just how resourceful gardeners are when I took a tour of the Ginkgo Organic Community Garden in Uptown this weekend. The image above is of a garden marker made out of an wooden plank.

Feeling inspired, I set out to make plant markers for various seedlings and plants that I have or am growing but have no plant labels for. I turned to three frugal gardening ideas that gardeners have used for a while.

Homemade Plant Markers.png

I made garden plant markers out of an old venetian blind (left), a wooden Popsicle stick(right) and out of a plastic fountain drink cup I cut into strips (center). This was the first time I made one out a plastic cup, the usual plastic item that is recommended to make plant markers out of is the sides of empty milk jugs. I had no empty milk jug around but I do have TONS of these plastic cups I pick up at every visit to a fast food joint.


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  • Great tips. I especially like the 'Weeds' marker!

    I should have looked around more carefully when starting the peppers and tomatoes earlier this spring. I didn't have anything I could think of to use. I was impatient to get them started, so they were started without labels. Now I have no idea which varieties they are. Oh well, I like surprises!

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    I did the same thing with my pepper seeds. I got a few different varieties and like you didn't look around for labels. I told myself I would remember what was what and now I have to wait until they produce crops.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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    Hi MBT, firstly this post makes me all sentimental for my own late blog through MLive.com. Secondly, I found that marker wears off the plastic cup-type plastic fairly quickly, unfortunately. If you put foil tape over the top of a label made out of vinyl blinds, you can use a ballpoint pen to make your own cheap impressionable tag.

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    Hi Garden Faerie,

    Thanks so much for signing up for an account for ChicagoNow.com and for commenting, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the tip about the impressionable tag. That is really awesome.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    I contemplated plant markers, and then forgot. Maybe next year? Love the Herb sign :)

  • In reply to OhioMom:

    Hi OhioMom,

    Not too late to make some this year and save them for next year, I suppose.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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