One Seed Chicago 2009

What One Book Chicago is to reading, One Seed Chicago is to gardening. Each year One Seed Chicago selects one plant to be the focus of a year-round celebration. This year the plant selected is the bean-- any kind. The purpose of One Seed Chicago is to get people across the city growing the same plant at the same time and foster a sense of community among residents. 

One Seed Chicago 2009 Blue Lake Pole Bean.png
On April 25th I attended the Green & Growing Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory where they were handing out Blue Lake Pole beans to attendees. I had already selected a different bean variety to grow but I'll be growing this one too. If you'd like to participate in One Seed Chicago you can request a free seed packet from the One Seed Chicago website
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  • Hi, Diane

    Sorry for the late reply...hope you have luck with them. I get pretty good results with seeds except for one or two.

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