NEXT Art Fair at the Merchandise Mart - Part 1

So there's a lot going on at the Mart, and since I'm now pinched for time, I'll post some pictures from the media preview today and will fill in the blanks Friday (with some fun people watching pictures as well!)

There will be quite the party happening Thursday evening, complete with free Grolsch and people scooting around on little chairs with handlebars - and some good old fashioned art fair cage fighting.  Anyway, there's a lot of fresh art to take in at NEXT as well. Don't miss the Goffo space curated by the Swimming Pool Project Space (including a very cool piece by Nick Cave protege Cheryl Pope) and be sure to keep your eyes out for lots of great prints as well as works on paper, and some stellar sculpture in the project spaces. 

See you at the fair! 

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