Why Climb Mt Kilimanjaro?

When people would learn I was setting out to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, the majority would ask, “Why are you doing that?” My answer came in two forms – “Why not?” or “because it’s there.” Life is an adventure! Being a realist I really hope there’s a magical being that created it all and has another plane of existence for us, Please GOD!, but if we only get our X+ years on planet earth, why not suck every moment dry of enjoyment for what it’s worth?

I love to set crazy absurd goals and make the occasional rash decision because, why not? There is nothing we can’t do; it’s what we won’t do. I’d never climbed or hiked much of anything before and the journey I’ll write about was amazing, intense and admittedly a little insane! Perhaps I’m naive to think everyone can make this kind of insane trip. I planned and took a year to get ready. That preparation made the trip all the more fulfilling. If it takes longer for others to achieve their goal, I can only imagine the satisfaction will be all the more intense.

I wish I had a more complex answer than “why not?” Humanity has been exploring the planet, the stars and everything else, I guess I wanted my little corner of that for myself. I want to have an interesting eulogy not some half assed story. I know my choices aren’t for everyone. I’ve been lucky to live abroad and see a variety of cultures from the street level. People aren’t all that different when you get up close on their terms.

I’ve already been asked what’s next….I’m not completely sure yet. I know it won’t involve a tent or a pee bottle! If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I’ll be writing all this week in various post about my 7 days climbing Kili.

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