20 Questions with Chef Dave Beran - Next Restaurant

20 Questions with Chef Dave Beran - Next Restaurant

I've gotten to know Dave over the past few years since next has opened. I've been lucky to dine there a lot and he was generous to allow me in to the kitchen to do a profile on the kitchen staff during their el bull menu. He's definitely a chef I would want to work for - tough, funny and open to educating his cooks so they can find success.

Chef Dave is a guy you could easily have a beer with while watching a hockey game never knowing he's a world class talent who's been recognized by the James Beard Foundation, Food and Wine Magazine and many others. His humility shows in his food, in that he will try making a dish over and over again before knowing its ready for the menu. In our past conversations and this one, I've always found it interesting to see how Dave comes to the answer he gives or view point he has.

I know it's hard to get to next but if you can it's worth it on many levels - food, fun service and a unique interpretation of the current theme. To hear Dave answer my 20 questions in his own words, enjoy the podcast found here.

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Podcast versions of 20 Questions - Thomas Lents and Chris Macchia.

My thanks to chef Dave Beran for taking the time to play my 20 Questions game.

Joe Campagna is the Chicago Food Snob. A former restaurant General Manager, Server and Chef you can find him on twitter @chifoodsnob. You can reach him through email at joe@chicagofoodsnob.com


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