Marathon: Fundraising Update and Challenges!

Marathon: Fundraising Update and Challenges!

I have to begin by giving a MASSIVE thanks to all of those who have given and helped me reach my goal in less than a DAY! I’m floored by the support and awed by your generosity. I have had a few friends ask, “Are you really going to run a marathon?” Uh, yeah I have to now!

But I wanted to think of a way to have people continue to give and have that giving have direct consequences for me….

So last Saturday I went on RedEye ReMix with Amy Guth, Kristin Samuelson and Katie Gibson to discuss some random things I can do to encourage people to keep giving money. Here is what we came up with:

$3,000 – I’ll run the marathon in a tutu. Last week a story broke about Self Magazine using a photo of a cancer survivor in a running tutu to make the point that people shouldn’t run in a tutu. It’s a pretty shitty situation but if I raise $3000 I’ll wear one and have a sound chafing strategy. We also agreed a tutu is NOT like a kilt. – I upped the amount because it should be a bit of a stretch.

$3,500 – The ladies, in the presence HOPEFULLY of a professional, will wax my back on air. I promise to yell KELLY CLARKSON! Katie get the dump button ready.

$5,000 – I’ll shave my head for the race. It’s a common point of solidarity for many who’ve had cancer since both my dad and mom lost their hair during chemo.

$10,000 – I’ll do the Polar Plunge next year with Amy. We decided I have to fully dunk. Thanks to my Delta Chi fraternity brothers in Madison I’ve been training for this since college. We lived a block from the lake and I was thrown in on more than one occasion. No one should be shocked by that.

$20,000 – The ultimate stretch goal and was decided on after I left the studio. Joe gets another tattoo. I have one now and I will choose what kind of tattoo I get.

I’ll also add this incentive. After each month of giving I’ll use a random number generator to pick a dollar amount from what I’ve raised. Who ever was the person giving at that dollar amount will win 2 Cubs bleacher tickets -- for the game of their choice from the games I’ve not sold or given away already. So if you gave $20 and I then have $2020, your numbers would be 2001-2020.

If you’re wondering again why I’m raising the funds, you can read my original post on what’s inspiring me to take on the marathon as a challenge. Thank you again for all of the support and giving. I’ll keep you all up to date on where we stand in regards to giving.

To listen to the entire show and our amusing discussion on how we came up with this check it out here.

To donate please click on this link - American Cancer Society Marathon Donation. 

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