Rules are Rules!

Rules are Rules!

This week seems to be all about RULES! Is the rule fair, right or did the person allegedly breaking the rule even break it? Johnny Manziel signed some memorabilia and allegedly was paid $7,500 for his autograph so he could get new rims, according to ESPN. NCAA rules are VERY clear you cannot profit from who you are or the sales of your “gear.” The rule is dumb, so dumb and even MORE hypocritical considering the NCAA makes billions off the athletes and is being sued currently by past athletes. Texas A&M auctioned off the chance to sit at a table with Johnny for $20,000 and he got nada.

Some will argue Johnny comes from a good home and doesn’t need the money. Um, that shouldn’t be part of the argument. It makes no sense why he couldn’t ask his parents for new rims. If his parents said no, because they won’t cater to their child’s every ridiculous whim, wouldn’t any of us then go out and get a job and earn the money. How is that wrong? It isn’t. He happened to find a job that paid him well by signing his autograph. BUT again, the rule is clear as a NCAA athlete you can’t.

Johnny, allegedly, broke one of the most basic, obvious rules. You’d think he got his education at Ohio State or something! Johnny needs a HUGE wake-up call and perhaps this is it. If that alarm clock doesn’t go off, maybe he’ll end up one day telling sad stories in a dirty bar of his Heisman year. Granted, he’ll probably have to sell the trophy because he wanted flames on his SUV.

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