Teaching an Infantile Blogger about Tipping

Teaching an Infantile Blogger about Tipping

Yesterday afternoon in my twitter feed a blog from ChicagoNow popped up about Proper Tipping Etiquette. I was curious. Then I was annoyed and took a few deep breaths before I decided to write this morning!

I could easily put this boorish post down to yet another GEN Y, entitled blogger. But it goes deeper than that and “The Mayor” – can’t stand behind your own writing? – should learn to take a deep breathe and lighten up.

“The Mayor” McLame went out for his favorite breakfast – Chocolate Chip pancakes like Yia Yia made. He had them before at his local breakfast spot Bar Umbriago and was excited like he won Beiber tickets to have them with his friends. He told them ALL about it.

Upon arriving at Bar Umbriago you expected there to be a sign – FAMOUS CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCKAES are off the menu because we have no chips! Sadly, you ordered and the server mentioned then that they were out. You felt he should have known before and warned you. This isn’t a legal preceding where he surprised the witness. They didn’t have chocolate chips and your roommates were right – you were being ridiculous.

For the record – this is when the mighty, “The Mayor” decided no tipping for the server! I am displeased and thou shalt not be displeased! Life must be easy in your world.

I appreciate you tell us you’re Greek and have a family tradition of working in and owning restaurants. You never mentioned if you ever worked in them and I’ll assume the answer is an entitled no. I’m sure if this chocolate chip travesty had occurred in their restaurants you would have demanded the server to be fired, and the offending chips to be procured while you waited for your 9yr old bfast special. Yia Yia would be so proud of her little prince!

The friends persuaded him to stay and order something else. He got the Banana Foster waffles – are you fucking kidding me. Do you order like this on a date? What are you 12? A diabetic in training? I bet his favorite drink is a whiskey sour!


I will agree a restaurant should have their menu items on the menu and be ready for service. That isn’t the server’s responsibility. Perhaps the chef was gone or those in charge had already ripped their staff a new one for not being prepared. We don’t know but we know you don’t shoot the messenger.

When the food did arrive not everyone was served at the same time. One of his roommates had to wait 5 minutes, the food wasn’t good and part of his order never arrived. Again, don’t tip the server when the kitchen can’t get it done. THAT is a kitchen issue and the server isn’t at fault from the sound of it. But still, you couldn’t find it in your cold, mayoral heart to see that the server wasn’t the one RUINING your breakfast.

When the manager did their rounds a second time, you mentioned your issue and it was resolved by having your breakfast comped, and giving you the knowledge you had been heard and agreed with. If this place truly didn’t care about you the manager would of never come to your table. Do you think this is the first time they had to deal with this mistake? Do you think the server didn’t warn the manager about your table and issues?

You made it seem as if your buddies were moronic, lemmings who just swallowed down some pride with their horrible breakfast. You actually said –

  • “Instead of complaining about what they got they held there tongue and got stuck with a $63 dollar bill for breakfast for three people (one of which was comped) that didn’t even feature any alcohol. When they asked me for a $20 since I made it widely known I wasn’t tipping I laughed at them and handed them a $10 bill…”

Are you for real? Get over yourself and realize you’re the Mayor of Sad and Pathetic. It’s bad enough you treat a server with indignation but you do this to your friends? If it were me, I would have decided then and there to never renew a lease with you as well as never share a meal out again. You think a $7 tip on a $63 bill with a comp item is a reward for horrible service? That is less than 10% of the actual bill. Your friends know that bussers and others get tipped out regardless what you leave.

The fact that you never learned anything about restaurants from your family is sad because many lessons about life can be seen everyday in restaurants. The first and foremost – Be kind to others! Whether it’s the dishwasher, busser, server, hostess or owner, these people are working hard, for less than you think, to make you a meal. They are not your servants.

I hope you can grow up and learn that the world isn’t all black and white based on your feelings. You seem to think all servers are apathetic and don’t care. How do you know the server didn’t come off a 3 day break because of a funeral? Had been sick? Broke up with their significant other? Learned sad news about a loved one? Those are no excuse and I would tell my servers, “You may have had a hard day or week before tonight’s service but we have guests tonight celebrating special occasions and just dining out – let’s have a good service.”

I hope one day soon you learn some empathy and respect for others. The world doesn’t rotate for you and I’d love to know what your Yia Yia would say if she read your post. You’re no Mayor or leader of any kind you’re a sad, little, entitled boy who needs to grow up.

Joe Campagna is the Chicago Food Snob. A former restaurant General Manager, Server and Chef you can find him on twitter @chifoodsnob. You can reach him through email at chicagofoodsnob@hotmail.com.

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