Who doesn’t like going to the movies? The big screen, the popcorn, the annoying people who sit way too close in an empty theatre! Ah the good life…

Well, I have free movie tickets for you to see “A Place at the Table.” This isn’t the latest action flick but more about our country and those who are food insecure. It’s not too preachy but exposes a side to America we know exists but many may never see up close. Our government debated for a long time  about Health Care but how we feed our fellow American’s is a sad after thought. This movie exposes this in a naked, in your face way that makes you want, hope, yearn for change on many levels.

Fine Print: No purchase necessary. One entry per person/household/email address. Winners will be drawn at random from all entries received by 3pm CST on Friday, February 8.

Link to get tickets:

Joe Campagna is the Chicago Food Snob. A former restaurant General Manager, Server and Chef you can find him on twitter @chifoodsnob. You can reach him through email at

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