Next Restaurant: Duck Press

The very first time I had something served to me table side was in France. The "show" was amazing. A poussin was baked in a pot with bread used to seal the dish so no steam or juices escaped. I didn't know what century it was but I knew it was pretty cool.

In today's world, most people get their food while in line or at a faster paced restaurant. The theatre of dining is reserved for very few restaurants. When I served at Avenues in The Peninsula Hotel, we offered champagne off of a cart. For the first timers, it was a fun experience probably because they tasted all of them!

Last week, I dined at Next and got to watch the duck dish finished table side. The whole roasted duck was presented then as you'll see broken down and the remainder of the carcass used to finish the blood sauce. The sauce is one of the richest most delicious things I have ever eaten! I hope you enjoy the video - from what I've been told by the team at Next I was the first to record and post this experience.


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