Cooking Dinner: Some Assembly Required

One of the complaints, arguments, excuses I hear most often about cooking is - I don't have time! Or maybe, I don't know what to cook. But how much do I make for one or two people? For many, cooking can be intimidating and confusing. When people do cook for their latest craving, they always have leftovers for a week and never, EVER want to see Chicken Parm again.

Perhaps, I have an answer for you...

I get a lot of emails asking me to taste this or review that. Most emails I trash because they're not interesting or they're not something many locals can get access to. BUT a few weeks ago, I got an email that made me sit up straight. Jen Moore, the owner, emailed me about her cooking at home business, Meez Meals. I was excited, intrigued and a little dubious learning she had no cooking background. Meez Meals takes your order through their website on Thursday and delivers the food Monday to your home or condo.

Jen offers 5 options during the week and they rotate so you won't get bored. The food arrives Monday afternoon and is packed to stay cold so you don't need to rush home. The food is bagged and portioned for each recipe and the best part you can choose to cook for 1-6 people! The delivery comes with the recipe book for all 5 recipes featured that week.

Monday arrived and I got home to my box waiting for me in the condo mail room. I was excited to see what goodies I had in store for me. You can see from the photo's it's absurdly, easy to not mess up the ingredients and easy to pack away in the fridge. One thing to note is that the meals are all vegetarian but it's easy to add protein like chicken, beef or pork if you want. The portion sizes are ample and I'm a guy who can eat a lot so it's not like you're ordering a fresh "frozen dinner."

That night, I set out to make the Garlic-Lemon Gnocchi with Kale, and Walnuts. Remember when I said I was dubious about if this would really work? It did work and it only took about 15-20 minutes to go from start to finish. Some meals take longer but its more about cooking time than anything. You don't have to stress about chopping Meez Meals is all about assembly.

When I met with Jen, I was excited to tell her the dinners were great and to hear about her motivation.  The idea for the business is genius and came from talking with her sister in Baltimore who lamented about how hard it is to cook dinner with kids to take care of. Jen did her research and then left corporate America to launch Meez Meals.

For those who struggle with cooking and STILL worry they can't pull it off, Jen has a hotline she answers to walk you through any disasters or questions. No one has burned anything, yet. Most of her clientele gets dinner for 2-3 days a week and the portions vary from 1-3. If you're looking to learn to cook, are a busy professional or young couple, this alternative to cooking at home is amazing. If you're thinking, this costs way too much? Dinner will cost about the same, maybe a little more than takeout or eating with friends BUT you'll be eating much healthier and be learning some new recipes. No one wants to be stuck with 4 things they can cook. I'd venture you could even fool your friends and say you did all the work.
Meez Meals currently delivers to Chicago, Edgewater, and Oak Park but Jen is always looking to expand based on demand. As of today, the menu doesn't offer any gluten free alternatives but hopefully in the future. Any nut allergies, sorry no guarantee. But for a guy who isn't all about vegetables, I think I'll have to get dinner more often through Meez Meals. You can also skip weeks if you're traveling or just super busy.

If you want to eat healthier, spend less on going out, and support a local business - try Meez Meals you'll be impressed, I know I was.

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  • What a great idea! Just hubby and I and I wish we could have something like this in our area.

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