Did Michelin hit a Pothole?

Did Michelin hit a Pothole?

The list many have waited for was just released and I sit with mixed emotions. I'm thrilled for friends who've earned a well deserved Star rating and others reaching the Bib list. Yet, some of the list is confusing not only by its inclusions but its misses.


The lock for 3 stars was easily Alinea if they didn't get 3 Jean -Luc would have been laughed at globally. L2O is an interesting choice considering their chef is leaving/gone. Are they not dialed in to the local scene? Were the books already printed and well you gotta sell the book! Francis the stage is now yours.


2 stars were awarded to Avenues, Charlie Trotter and Ria. Ria is the surprise and Avenues was a dark horse for a possible three. Next year, I'll predict like many they move up and L2O gets bumped? Charlie Trotter is another one I wonder about. With Exec Chef Matt Merges having left will this bastion of Chicago dining retain its status or move up or down?


The biggest discussion comes amongst the 1 Star Restaurants. I'll list and offer comment:


Blackbird - Easy choice and could move up to 2 next year

Boka - Well deserved for a good friend and his team.

Bonsoiree - While I haven't been I've heard lots of good things, look forward to getting here. Doing it on a shoestring.

Crofton on Wells - One chef friend and I laughed last night - Are they still open? Seriously though how is this place on the list considering some of the others I'll get to aren't? Maybe Suzy owns a large block of stock in Michelin? (I know they're separate.)

Everest - A blow to Jean Joho, apparently being French doesn't help.

Graham Elliot - I opened the place of course I'm biased and thrilled for the team.

Longman & Eagle - Someone on the Michelin team wears skinny jeans and has a beard, a real beard. The food is good but the décor is more Bib worthy then Star rated. And according to Michelin that's supposed to count.

NAHA - I'm shocked they could read the menu and decipher her font choice and listed farm/location of EVERY ingredient. My question is will her headshot be recent?

NoMI - Solid, easy choice for the rating.

Schwa - Best joke of the day someone made on twitter - did they answer the phone? Could easily be 2 but I don't think they care.

Seasons - Do all 5 Diamond hotels get a restaurant with at least 1 Star?

Sepia - Service alone gets them a Star the food is also very worthy!

Sixteen - Solid choice.

Spiaggia - I'll say it loud and proud - WTF! Seriously 1 Star? Is this the controversial inclusion at a lower rating? This wine list rivals most 3 stars globally for its depth based on the cuisine! The Cafe deserves 1 Star let alone the BIG restaurant. Someone %&(* the bed on this one.

Takashi - I'm mixed on this. Some love the place others could leave it. I had an ok experience but I can see the 1 Star rating.

Topolobampo - Apparently Rick's Star power did as much for him as it being French did for Joho.

Tru - A restaurant chewing on Maalox this morning. I'm not shocked but for me they need that direction and POP like they used to have.

Vie - Glad to see suburbia got invited to the table! Paul is a great chef and well deserved. Where's Western Springs again?


You'll notice a few places missing on both of the lists most notably Avec! Due to a tragedy, they were closed during final deliberations but if Michelin had been here 2 years eating and working they wouldn't have needed to worry over the decision. This is the equivalent of Michelin serving a WELL DONE steak that was ordered rare. I also have to ask where were Piccolo Sognio, Cafe Spiaggia, Cafe des Architects, Moto, Carlos, and Les Nomades. Chef Nugent can't catch a break! If they say Avec was closed so we weren't "sure," then I'll question the three restaurants rated due to chef's leaving L2O for the 3 Stars and Mado, Kith & Kin for the Bib list.


But it's all about the Benjamins. Michelin hopes to sell between 40,000-45,000 books at $18.99. That's about $850-750,000 in revenue give or take. If you think that doesn't matter Google - Michelin Los Angeles.


This list was actually leaked a day early on Yelp because somehow the book got sent early. You can keep this list classified in Europe like state secrets but Yelp breaks the news in Chicago? I can't wait to hear this story...it'll be as useful as the Maginot Line.


This list will be talked about for a long time and may give some restaurants a much needed shot in the arm for revenue. Diners will come globally to see what we offer. Despite my agree or disagree attitude we all have high expectations to meet.



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  • Ah and here's another interview where Jean Luc addresses Avec

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