Foodie, Yelper, Foochebag - Oh' my!

Foodie, Yelper, Foochebag - Oh' my!

The past week has been a weird one for me on a variety of levels. It's also been a weird one for people who love to talk about food. Foodie was the term coined in the late 90's and took off in the early part of this past decade. It described someone who had a love for food but didn't necessarily work in the industry. It may have described a rabid diner or perhaps an overachieving home cook?

The chat forums helped grow and manage their enthusiasm which some may describe as obsession. Anthony Bourdain describes them as Butterfly Collectors. Out to earn a perverse merit badge. Bourdain also doesn't think they have a sense of humor. But is the foodie no more?

I've dealt with foodies my entire career in the restaurant industry. While I enjoy taking pictures for the blog, I have not invested in a multi-thousand dollar camera system with mini-tripod. When I dine out, I'd like to think my opinion is more informed since I've worked in the industry. My ago old argument for my opinion is - imagine playing rock band "Beatles" and then trying to have a conversation with Sir Paul on an equal level. You can buy the cook book, drink the wine but until you work the line your opinion matters little to me.

That's where Yelpers come in to our story! I've written about the predatory practices of Yelp! in the past. Just yesterday Graham Elliot pointed out that his yet to open Grahamwich had received a negative Yelp review. How you might ask? Because, Yelp is full of self-important freaks who think they can shape a business without really thinking before they speak or type. Yelp! has since pulled the review down once and Time Magazine began covering the story. I'm not sure at the time of this post if they've crafted any comment. Regardless, I hope this is further proof the site has jumped the shark.

Now we come to our final word of the day, Foochebag! Defined as: foodie's who are considered attention seeking, superficial, elitists. The term was coined by a Houston food blog - Houston Food Adventures. It was most recently used here in the Chicagoist review of Girl and The Goat. You can also follow the foochebag on twitter. He happens to be an intern for Steve Dolinsky, too easy.

Regardless, I sense a backlash coming for the foodies and Yelpers. Michael Nagrant has promised to list his top ten foochebags of Chicago once he gets through his best 250 bites list. I look forward to seeing who Michael has on the list and fingers crossed I'm not on it!

Lots of new words and name calling. We can all agree every industry has insightful critics and creepy weirdo's who lurk in the shadows.

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