Lollapalooza 2010 - Behind the Food Scene

Lollapalooza 2010 - Behind the Food Scene

From Perry Farrell to Chef Graham Elliot, promotion of the August music festival is at a fever pitch! To produce on that hype is no easy task. Chef Cary Taylor, The


Southern, is making his Lolla debut with the task of being ready to feed the masses.

I met up with Cary, an old friend, to see how his preparation was going. He's been planning since May but is still worried about the unknown! How will the weather be? Will there be enough equipment? What if the equipment breaks down? With thousands of potential customers you can see why he might be losing some sleep. Cary will be offering Hush Puppies with Buttermilk Ranch, Sweet Potato Fries and Spicy Ketchup and Shrimp Cocktail with Peach Cocktail Sauce. I'm bummed I'll be on vacation and can't volunteer to help him on the festival weekend!

Those three dishes may sound simple enough but the numbers look like this - 6,000 orders of Hush Puppies = 36,000 - 48,000 hush puppies and 100 gallons of sauce, 6,000 orders of fries with another 100 gallons of sauce  and 3,000 shrimp cocktail = 15,000 - 18,000 shrimp and a final 50 gallons of sauce! The first two dishes will cost you $6 and the shrimp will be $8 per order.

Chef Cary is looking for some more volunteers to add to his team of 54 people per day! If you're interested in working, contact the team at

Today's video is in the spirit of Cary's debut - X Japan!

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