CARB UP, for that weekend race!

D "Money" Wallach of Pace of Chicago fame gave me the inside track to his favorite carb up before a race dish. Are you ready??? From the Olive Garden (I KNOW!), Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo is the secret weapon. I promised I'd make it super easy. With about 2ish months till the Chicago Triathlon and 3 to the Marathon, time is fleeting.


A traditional Alfredo sauce is LOADED with cream.  I thought I'd change it up by making more of a white wine, cream sauce with the cheese. The acid from the wine gives the dish a bit more pop and not the heavy fat feeling. Don't get me wrong this isn't UBER healthy but I think it will taste a bit better. I'm going to do one dish with chicken and one with beef. There's no huge difference it's more your preference in protein. Last note, on pasta is that you could use any kind, but fettuccini is the noodle that goes best with this sauce. Each noodle has a purpose with the traditional sauce it's paired with.

Random though:  I always think 4th of July is that benchmark holiday from New Years where you recommit to that NYE resolution! So cook more, exercise more but most importantly have fun.


Steak/Chicken Gorgonzola Alfredo



-          1 lb Fettuccini Noodles - I'm using dried.

-          Chicken - you know how much you can/should eat before a race so go with that. I'm using the tenders because it's easy.

-          Steak - I have 6 oz of filet - again get what the cut and amount that you prefer.

-          1 Pint Heavy Cream

-          1 cup White Wine

-          ½ onion diced small - you could use one shallot diced small

-          1 clove garlic - minced

-          5 oz Gorgonzola or milder bleu cheese - can substitute Parmesan Reggiano

-          Salt and Pepper



-          Pot for boiling pasta

-          Large Sauté Pan

-          Colander

-          Chef's Knife

-          Cutting board


Method of Cooking

1.       Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

2.       Pot of salted water on at medium heat.

3.       Season, if need be cut, your chicken/steak.

4.       Heat your sauté pan with olive oil and when hot add and cook your chicken/beef. Chicken - Completely cook and place in the oven to keep warm. Steak - sear on stove top - finish in oven to how you like it done. Let the steak rest for 3-5 minutes when finished.

5.       Turn up heat on pot of water - when it begins to boil add your pasta.

6.       Sweat the onion and garlic in the same pan you cooked the meat.

7.       As you sweat the onions and they get soft add the wine. Scrap the pan of the drippings to pick up all the flavor stuck to the pan.

8.       Reduce the liquid by half, add the heavy cream.

9.       Reduce by half again and add the cheese. Stir till it melts.

10.   Season the cream sauce with salt and pepper as needed.

11.   Check your pasta it should be close to done.

12.   Drain your pasta and add back to the pot!

13.   Pour sauce over the pasta in the pot and mix well.

14.   Plate by putting some pasta at the base of your bowl and top with the chicken/steak.


Happy running and hope you enjoy the dish. If you desperately need vegetables, steamed broccoli would be the best choice. Shoot me a comment or email if you have a question!


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