A Day in the Life!

A Day in the Life!

For all you foodies and "rock star" gourmands, here's what a day in the best restaurant in North America looks like. In 3 minutes, a day in the life at Alinea. The video was posted this past Sunday.

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Alinea's been open for 5 years now and the pace of work and commitment makes you think they opened their doors yesterday. Sadly, the one thing you don't get from the video is the quiet, precision or the stern looks from Chef, the Sous' and the GM managing front of house. Restaurant's of this caliber do have their lighter moments but they come from hard work.



The Timeline

  • 5;20am Prep Cooks arrive
  • Kitchen is working and moving at 10am.
  • Clean-up, front of house arrives at 2pm.
  • Set-up for family meal at 2:45pm.
  • 5:30pm GAME ON! Cooks have been going for 7 hours already and they're just beginnign to serve guests - still want to quit your day job?
  • 9:30pm, I'm guessing second turn! Do it again Dad. (cooks 11 1/2 hours in)
  • 1:35am clean-up (15 1/2ish hours in)
  • 2:30am brigade gets to go home (161/2 hours for a cooks day)
  • 5:20am clean-up crew leaves and says good night/morning to the prep cook!

A recent Facebook post from Chef Grant Achatz - "If u c a mushroom cloud over Chicago don't worry. Just roof blowin off Alinea.100ppl. 50-26crs menus, 50-12crs.96 vip crs.1996 total plates." By my math, that's done in 7 hours or 4.75 plates a minute!

I miss the chaos of service, being 15lbs lighter but not the 15 hours on my feet! Can't wait for Next Restaurant.

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