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Food News Day!

New York Times

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Here are some highlights:

-          Chicago's Grant Achatz - Next: Restaurant. Reservations like the theatre and paying for everything before you even arrive. Eating out gets the Broadway treatment!

-          Scroll down a little and see a review of delivered diet meals.

-          Making sushi at home

Chicago Tribune

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Local Highlights:

-          Stone India Pale Ale - what is it? Um, beer?

-          James Beard wrap up

-          Roseanne's cookies

Chicago Food Snob

So I have a couple things that I've seen this past this week that jumped out at me.

First - this past Monday were the James Beard Awards, aka Oscars of the food world. Chicago was well represented in nominations and won a few. Alinea won for Outstanding Service - you need to be open a minimum of 5 years to even be considered! Koren Grieveson from Avec was named Best Chef Midwest making Bruce Sherman the Susan Lucci of the Beard Awards! Lastly, Kevin Pang won for his work on "The Cheeseburger Show." He ate cheeseburgers for a year and won a award for journalism, hmmm not sure what I think on that.

Second - Burger King is working on possibly rolling out Brunch to the country if it tests well. Some parent and anti-children drinking groups were upset over the "mimosa" they'll be offering, sprite and OJ. I was more upset they're promoting the ruination of good champagne with juice. I obviously have no children.

Lastly - KFC got a TON of press for the double down but the other campaign I noticed was that they were committed to trying to donate the single largest donation to end breast cancer. They're going to do this by giving .50 for every pink bucket to support Susan G Komen. So far they've raised over $3 million!!!  You have until May 23 to support their efforts!

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