Top Chef Masters: Mantuano

The second season of Top Chef Masters has kicked off with a Chicago icon on the show, Tony Mantuano. He's "playing" for the Levy Cares charity. I've eaten Tony's food and really hoped he does well as the show began.

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Spoiler alert: I'll write what happens on the extended as not to ruin the show for anyone who hasn't seen it. I will say, why is this show Premiering at 10pm on a Wednesday???

On to the show...

The first quickfire is the infamous cook something gourmet from a gas station in Chinatown. Kelly Choi pulled a fast one and had the chefs thinking they'd be cooking more Chinatown then a gas station. I love when chef's get pissed at the twists as if they've never seen the show before. Nothing is at seems on reality tv, HELLO!

So the guest tasters were the Bravery (cause rock bands eat in gas stations) - first dish, that Tony helped create, was a bread pudding with caramleized bananas - looks nice! Dish two is a fiery hot cheeto macaroni with tomato soup and a slim jim bread crumb and grilled slim jim. Dish three is a crispy rice cake with a clamesco sauce. All in all, pretty damn good and impressive the winning pair IS....Susan and Chicago's own Tony with 4 stars! Great start for Chicago.

I think its kinda lame they paired the chefs throughout the show. The pairs big challenge is to cook for a bunch of couples on their very 1st date. How do you sign up for that awkward experience?

Requisite shopping scenes at whole foods and they mention MANY times how the Obama's love Tony's food, yawn. I get it!

Ego's come out with Govin calling out Jimmy about who's working harder...hahaha. I love when the tough guy comes out.

I have to say sharing a meal, literally sharing a meal with a first date would be weird but I'm guessing this was a made for tv dating experience. The food looks awesome and most importantly the technique was spot on. I did shudder when I saw the St. Margaherita white, yuck.

The chef's feedback was a love fest but only one team can advance and finally cook on their own...Being Top Chef Masters all three met expectations and no one flaked.

And the winner is.......

Susan and Tony! Chicago continues to send Top Chef's deep in to this competition. Looking forward to next week.


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