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Wednesday in the culinary world is the day of the food section. News, reviews and other topics are discussed. The New York Times is the gold standard that all chefs' look to for news. I'll be hitting up the online version and giving you some of the highlights on the NYT and the Tribune food sections and some other thoughts and news I see during the week.

New York Times

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Here are some highlights:

-          The main story is about redefining the Jewish Deli. It's cool to see a culinary staple evolving to today's desire for creativity and a touch of health consciousness.

-          Q&A with Michael Moss on food safety. It's an enlightening and scary article.

-          Re-publishing of 'Spécialités de la Maison,' a cookbook from 1940 that was to benefit war torn France. Celebrities include Katherine Hepburn and Eleanor Roosevelt and some very classic recipes.

Chicago Tribune

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Local Highlights:

-          A recap of BaconFest held this past Saturday. So bummed I wasn't able to go.

-          Green Dolphin no more jazz and no more food! Moving to a club night, private party destination.

-          Ever wonder why Salt and Pepper were on the table? Little history lesson here...

Chicago Food Snob

So my big question of the week is this KFC chicken sandwich called Double Down? Hey, pretty boy you feeling lucky?

double down KFC.jpg

Do we blame McDonald's for this because they created the McGriddle? I do love these but only in an airport because I lie to myself and say they have fewer calories (I think it's the highest caloric sandwich on the menu.) Or do you blame KFC itself since they created the bowl aka feedbag of fast food. Not sure they still serve this but "The Bowl" was mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, popcorn fried chicken and cheese! I will admit I ordered this once and it wasn't that bad since it has everything in one spot it just looked disgusting.

I'm going to try and taste one of these bad boys soon but it makes me speechless...chicken as the bun? Grilled or fried because in America we have choices! Then "meat in the middle" is cheese and bacon, of course.  The health benefit is that it's not as bad as a Whopper, really that's the go to? Other then the potential disgust factor I hear they have a high amount of sodium.

If you've tried one of these and are willing to admit it would love to hear your comments!

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