Halibut BLT - Graham Elliot

Most people I know won't cook fish at home purely out of fear and lack of knowledge. This video by Graham Elliot shows how not only to cook fish but to have fun while you do it. Graham Elliot is the Chef/Owner of Graham Elliot! Graham's another old friend and this is the last restaurant I worked at. I helped open as the General Manager and have many fond memories of my time there. You'll be able to catch Graham on the show Master Chef coming to Fox with Gordon Ramsey.

Tips on Cooking Fish at Home

Most importantly, get fresh fish. I buy fish the same day I intend to cook it, maybe a day early. The fish monger will butcher and skin it if you ask, don't be shy. Cooking is all about practice and this may not turn out well the first time but don't give up. Use high heat and don't be afraid of it burning just be attentive. Make sure the fish is dry when you season it because hot oil doesn't go well with a little water. Think SPLATTER!

Hope you enjoy this enough to cook fish at home. Look forward to hearing how well or tough it went for ya.

Graham Elliot

217 W. Huron, Chicago IL.

Mon-Sat: 5pm - 10:30pm





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  • I love Graham! And his lobster corndogs! *drool* This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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