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Stretch That Tight Butt!

If you’re like most runners, the last few days have been an awesome change from the terrible winter we endured. If you’re also like a lot of runners I know, you’re not stretching and applying foam rolling techniques like you should be to maintain healthy fascial tissue, joints and muscles. So, as a reminder today... Read more »

Chicago Marathon - 6 Tips For This Week!

If you are not familiar with foam rolling, you should become familiar with it but I would advise NOT trying it out for the first time this week if you haven't already been doing it. The reason being, foam rolling can actually cause some soreness in the muscles if you are not used to it. If you have been doing it, make sure you take extra time this week to continue foam rolling, it will help keep the muscles and tendons loose and help with soreness after the race.  If you have not been performing any foam rolling, I would suggest doing some AFTER the race and every other day following the race. This will help loosen up your muscles and help increase blood flow which will help get rid of lactic acid in the muscles more quickly.
It’s almost here! 10,000 people have been waiting for this weekend since last October. It’s one of the biggest and best marathons in the world and hopefully for those that are participating it will be a very enjoyable race.  I’m sure there are a lot of questions that are going through your mind and whether... Read more »

Free Yoga and Stretching At Lululemon!!

Hey Chicago!  Lululemon has partnered with the nation’s premier urban stair climb — The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) SkyRise Chicago— to offer a fit  yoga class geared towards climbers, hand-cyclists and those who are considering registering for the Willis Tower climb (held at the highest building in the Western hemisphere!).  This fit class is open to the public and will allow for... Read more »

Could High Heels Be Giving You Cankles?

Hey Chicago!  Don’t go throwing out your stilettos just yet but in a recent CNN.com article regarding the hot topic of how high heels are bad for your knees, ankles and feet, now it seems they’ve identified another problem…high heels cause ankle muscles to shrink and tendons to thicken! Could this mean “thicker” ankles….the dreaded... Read more »


Hey Chicago! Happy Humpday, Almost Earthday! I hope your weeks are going well.  I wanted to share an article I read from one of my favorite experts in the word of health and fitness. I’ve talked about him in the past, his name is Eric Cressey. The thing I love about Eric is that he... Read more »

2 Ways to Help Prevent Foot Pain From Running

Hey Chicago, Happy Humpday! With the Shamrock Shuffle behind us and the spring racing season well underway, there are going to be a lot of you that will soon be increasing your training distances, if you haven’t already. With increased training there often comes increased risk of injury. A particular an injury that I often... Read more »

Why Does Working Out Make Me So Sore!?

Hey Chicago! I was recently asked by a friend why he still gets sore after certain workouts. He’s been working out for most of his life, played several sports since grade school  and played college football, so why now in his mid 30’s does he still feels soreness (and oftentimes more sore than his “younger... Read more »