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Free Circuit Workout: No Weights Needed

Free Circuit Workout: No  Weights Needed
Hey guys, A great circuit workout that you can easily fit into your daily routine could be the difference between maintaining your goal weight and falling off the wagon. It doesn’t take long to perform but can help you maintain blood flow, challenge your muscles and burn an extra 300-500 calories a day. So I... Read more »

Strong Legs: Xerdisc Squats

This one is a killer…it looks harmless and very easy but I’m telling you, this exercise will tear up your legs. You will initially feel this in your quads but try and sit into your heel on the disc and push through your mid-foot and heel as you come up out of the squats. The... Read more »

Windy City CrossFit: A Look Inside

Windy City CrossFit: A Look Inside
If you’re a health and fitness nut like me, a weekend warrior trying to get in better shape or someone new to the workout seen looking to get into a fitness regiment, chances are you’ve heard of CrossFit. CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness brands and training methods since Jane Fonda strapped on... Read more »

Stretch That Tight Butt!

If you’re like most runners, the last few days have been an awesome change from the terrible winter we endured. If you’re also like a lot of runners I know, you’re not stretching and applying foam rolling techniques like you should be to maintain healthy fascial tissue, joints and muscles. So, as a reminder today... Read more »

Try This Core Exercise At Home!

The other day I was messing around at home trying to come up with some different core exercises to do for myself and my clients to get those abs in shape for summer. I myself love all variations of planks, so I thought about how I could make a plank more difficult for people if... Read more »

THE BEST Exercise For Strengthening Your Legs

The single-leg squat is arguably the best exercise for building strong legs. There are countless articles from fitness experts that identify the benefits of single-leg squats. The biggest problem with single-leg squats is that most people don’t have the strength or stability to do even a “body weight” single-leg squat. So, in the video below... Read more »

Get Fit For Free This Saturday!

Get Fit For Free This Saturday!
This Saturday, my favorite training studio in the city is throwing a FREE FITNESS PARTY! Well actually it’s a scramble…a class scramble to try out the best of all their classes for FREE and you can bring a friend. On Your Mark Coaching and Training is throwing a class scramble this Saturday, February 26th starting... Read more »

How Fit Am I? Lakeview Atheltic Club Puts Me To The Test!

If you don’t know your Basal Metabolic Rate, you don’t know how many calories your body needs on a daily basis and could be doing more harm than good if you’re on a low-calorie diet. So a few weeks back, I stopped into Lakeview Athletic Club to find out a few things, one was my... Read more »

Build Strong Legs and Burn Calories: Single Leg Burpees

Today’s Exercise: Try this quick exercise when performing your next circuit training workout to burn more calories and really work the butt, hamstrings and quads. Single Leg Burpees: Today’s Alcatraz Training: Today I rode the computrainer for 30 minutes for an average of 268 watts and 88 RPM’s and then ran for 30 minutes at... Read more »

Holiday Foods...Don't Go Hog Wild!

Last year around this time I wrote a blog post: My Favorite Holiday Foods about how many calories each of them contained and how much I would need to do to work them off. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, I think it’s still an appropriate post so take a peak at it if... Read more »