If I Lift Weights I'll Get Too Bulky....

I can't tell you how many times I here this statement and I
can't tell you how wrong this statement is. It's completely false and in my 8 years of training other people to lose weight and fat, I've never once made anyone bulky, especially women.

I'm really tired of hearing "fitness professionals" who cater mainly to the female crowd, especially the Hollywood crowd, talk about how low or no weight and high rep exercises will help build lean muscle and keep you from getting bulky. Anyone who knows anything about losing weight, building lean muscle, burning fat, or how physiology works knows that you will have a very hard time building lean muscle by doing high reps and low weight.


Lifting weights is by far the best way to lose body fat,
increase muscle tone and live a much more active lifestyle.


I'll give you my top 5 reasons why EVERYONE...yes even the
women...need to lift weights and not only lift weights but lift heavy weights.


Lose More Body Fat

 Increase Lean Muscle

Increase Bone Density

Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

  • http://diabetes.webmd.com/strength-training-diabetes

If the documentation in the above articles doesn't convince
you. I'll be giving you some real life client results in a post next
week after we take their most recent measurements. Here's a sneak peak at how I helped
them lost fat and maintain muscle.


When I begin to work with a client who comes to me with the
goal of losing weight and body fat I begin our first session the same way every
time. The first thing I do is take measurements. I take their weight,
circumference measurements and body fat measurements using body fat calipers. I
then begin to build each individuals workout program using the same principles
but working around any injuries or physical limitations each client might have.
Each program is built on the same basic principle of building muscle and
strength to burn fat by using weights and high intensity cardio intervals
(HIIT). Again, I adjust the cardio portion based on the physical ability of
each of client.


I also spend a significant amount of time working on their
nutrition. I don't focus on cutting things out of their diet, I just focus on
putting the foods they are eating in the right combination with each other like
Robert Furguson suggests, increasing their protein consumption and almost
always increasing their total caloric intake as most people eat too few calories when they're trying to lose weight. 


Check back for their results early next week!

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