If I Lift Weights I'll Get Too Bulky...Part 2

This is my follow-up post to one a few weeks back about how lifting heavy weights will not get you bulky and is one of the fastest ways to effectively lose fat and build lean muscle.

First let me start by asking you a question: Did you know that a pound of muscle on your body takes up less space than a pound of fat? Even if you replace every pound fat with a pound of muscle therefor not losing ANY total weight, you will look considerably smaller and leaner... 


Ok, on to my pride and joy...Below are three real-life examples of current clients that
have seen amazing results by lifting heavier weights, applying pre and
post-workout eating guidelines and, in every case, increased the amount of
calories they were consuming on a daily basis.


We'll call them Clients M, J & K. 

I've been working with Client M for about 8 months, client J
and K for about 3 months. Each client had the same goal; lose weight but more
importantly, lose fat and feel and look better. So, aside from certain aspect
of each program that were adjusted for each clients' physical abilities, I put
all of them on similar strength and muscle building programs.


For each client, the workouts incorporated all the major
muscle groups and focused on using 75%-85% of their max for all exercises . Exercises were 3
sets of no more than 10 reps. There were approximately 8-10 exercises each
workout. High Intensity Cardio Intervals were also added at the end of each
round of exercises.


Client M came to me 4 times a week so I did split routines
with him, 2 days we worked the upper body and 2 days we worked the lower body.
Otherwise the routines were the same from a set and rep standpoint.


For clients J and K, full body workouts were performed
during each session as they were coming 3 times a week to see me and were not
doing any other resistance training on their own.  We alternated between lower body and upper body exercises so
to allow for movement from one exercise to the next without rest.


Here are the real-life results measurements of each client:


Client M: 8 months

Starting Weight: 205                             Current
Weight: 151

Starting Body Fat: 37%                        Current
Body Fat: 12.57%

*Pounds of Fat Lost: 57Lbs.

*Pounds of Muscle Gained: 3Lbs.


Client J: 3 months

Starting Weight: 234                            Current
Weight: 216

Starting Body Fat: 23%                        Current
Body Fat: 16%

*Pounds of Fat Lost: 20 Lbs.

*Pounds of Muscle Gained: 2lbs.


Client K: 3 months

Starting Weight: 157                             Current
Weight: 153

Starting Body Fat: 27%                        Current
Body Fat: 23%

*Pounds of Fat Lost: 8 Lbs.

*Pounds of Muscle Gained: 4Lbs.



* In all cases, each client lost significant
amounts of body fat and increased the amount of lean muscle by performing a
workout routine that was specifically made to increase muscle by using heavy
weights, the same routine that is thought by many to make you "bulky".


Anyone can lose weight by going
on a caloric deprivation diet. But can you lose weight while maintaining or
even building muscle? Building muscle helps increase bone density, improve
posture, create a better over-all sense of well-being and improve stamina in
any athletic event you are participating in.


You know what WILL make you look bulky? Going on a calorie
deprivation diet and just doing cardio to lose weight. You'll be left with no
muscle and some subcutaneous fat that the body doesn't want to get rid of and you'll have wasted a ton of time.

Oh, and ironically enough, another fitness expert who I follow and believe in his methodology just posted a similar article on his website today.  John Romaniello is a very well respected trainer in New York City. 

Let me know your thoughts or questions, I'd love to here them!



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