Great New Book: "Diet Free For Life"

"What if, you could eat chocolate and drink wine everyday and still lose weight?" "Or what if a cheeseburger was part of your nutrition program that helped you lose fat and inches?"

That's one of the first questions Robert Ferguson, one of the country's leading fat loss experts, asked me when we met this past Tuesday to discuss his newest book, "Diet Free For Life".

I was asked a few weeks ago to review Robert's book and gladly obliged because I love to learn and I'm genuinely intrigued with other fitness expert's points of view on nutrition. I have to admit...I learned a lot in a very short amount of time from reading Robert's book, Diet Free For Life. My nutrition is pretty solid and pretty clean but after reading Robert's book I realized even I'm not putting the right foods together in the right combinations to take full advantage of fat loss.

Robert's approach to nutrition is one that is grounded in psychology and solidified through years of experience working with hundreds of different types of clientele. Some of Robert's greatest success stories range from his work with professional athletes and boxers to his own mother. Through his work, Robert has developed a very simple approach to food and how putting the right combination of foods together can help us burn fat and lose inches without restricting ourselves to foods we don't like or don't enjoy eating. Robert's philosophy is not about losing "pounds" but first about losing "fat" and "inches" because he knows that once the fat and inches come off, the weight will as well.

Here's another great thing about Robert's philosophy, he meets people where they are with their current nutrition and he shows them how to lose fat by eating the foods they want to eat or are used to eating but simply helps them make small changes to proportions and combinations so that they aren't restricted like they would be on a traditional diet.

His approach is really simple and although he uses the term "healthy food" he tries to stay away from it when discussing nutrition with someone for the first time and here's why: If he was to talk to a vegetarian and say to them..."A healthy diet includes lean protein from meat, fish and poultry, fruit and vegetables and whole grains" that vegetarian, meat, fish and poultry are not considered "healthy" choice and they probably have their own very good reasons for thinking that way. As well as if he was to talk to someone who is not financially well off and tells them that the healthiest diets are those that contain lots of organic fruits and vegetables but all that person can afford is canned vegetables, that person then believes they can't afford to eat "healthy", thus creating a disconnect between that person's WANT and financial ABILITY to be "healthy". 

Robert's research and years of experience helped formulate a plan that let's you eat foods you want to eat with some simple guidelines and simple rules that can be applied to every meal. The real secret to Robert's nutrition plan is finding the right amount and mix of what Robert calls "Fast Carbs", "Slow Carbs", Protein and Fat. Diet Free For Life lists what type of foods meet these requirements, how much you can have at every meal and the combinations you can eat them in to develop what Robert calls a complete "Fat Burning Meal".

And because Robert's background is heavily grounded in psychology, Diet Free For Life highlights Robert's 21 Day Mindset Makeover. A day by day, step by step approach to mentally preparing and transforming yourself to live a "Diet Free Life". Robert's 21 day mindset makeover walks you through specific actions to take each day of the program so that by day 21 you're successfully leading a Diet Free Life. 

For me, the biggest inspiration I got was meeting Robert on Tuesday and being able to see for myself his true passion for helping other people. He's truly vested in his client's success, he recalled several experiences and names of clients who, along his career, have helped mold and develop him into the inspirational motivator he has become today. If there's any better proof to how much Robert wants to help people, he got his start in "health and wellness" as a rape prevention and self defense instructor, teaching women how to protect and defend themselves.

Diet Free For Life is a MUST READ for anyone out there who has ever struggled with a diet, struggled with their weight and fat loss or for anyone who knows someone else who is struggling with their weight and fat loss. This book can help even the most experienced fitness experts help their clients see greater success in reaching their fat loss goals. Pick up a copy of Robert's book and start living Diet Free For Life. 


Robert Ferguson, MS, CN, is a nationally recognized voice of weight loss through healthy living, a motivational speaker, and a physical conditioning and nutrition specialist. A doctoral candidate in sports psychology, he holds certifications in personal training and performance nutrition.
In addition to his work with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, he has worked with professional boxers on Showtime, HBO, ESPN, and The Contender. He has been featured on radio, in magazines such as First for Women, Ebony, Star Magazine, Esquire, and Women's World, and on TV programs, including Access Hollywood, The Mo'Nique Show, CNN Headline News, and Good Morning America, as well as multiple appearances on shows on Fox, and BBC Worldwide. He is also the co- developer and face of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System(tm), a home weight- loss program that has been sold via infomercial.

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  • Your article sums up Robert's message so well. His program is so easy to follow that anyone can do it. I hope people will buy his book and see, that they too can live Diet-Free for Life!

  • In reply to AutumnBreeze:

    Thanks for reading! I agree with you, I hope a lot of people buy his book, there's really no excuse not to.

  • I love the book, and I love the Diet Free lifestyle! I've lost 50 lbs. so far!!!!

  • In reply to Julianne:

    Amazing job Julie! That's awesome, I'm so happy for you and so happy that this book helped you. Thank you for reading!

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