Lose Weight and Win Money!

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Have you ever wanted to apart of a weight loss challenge
that will give you an opportunity to win money for losing weight? Well now you

Pete Thomas of "The Biggest Loser" fame has teamed up with Five
Seasons Family
Thumbnail image for PETE.jpg Sports Club in Northbrook and HealthyWage to bring together
fitness experts from all over the country to help millions of Americans lose
weight and keep it off.


The competition is called the "Matchup Weight Loss Challenge"
and it starts May 15th,  and runs through August 15th. Registration ends
May 15
th so there's still time for you to participate. The
competition is set up so that you participate on a team with four other
individuals, the entry fee for each team is $100 or $20 per person and the team
that loses the most combined weight between May 15th and August 15th
will win $10,000!


There's a few interesting aspects to this competition that I
think are particularly important to successfully help the competitors lose the
weight and keep it off. First, you participate in the challenge as a team
member, which helps motivate each individual team member and no one wants to be
the one to let the team down. The other aspect is that they provide you the
chance to win a good amount of money for losing the weight. So this ties into 2
parts of the human psyche, the fact that we are all motivated by money and the
fact that the TEAM could lose that money if YOU let the team down.


Pete Thomas actually came to the Techney Rd. location of
Five Seasons Family Sports Club on May 4th to workout with the
members and provide them some motivational advice for the journey they were
about to embark upon. His words of motivation are what people really want to
hear because he's been in their shoes, he knows what it feels like to be obese,
not just overweight. People want to know how he did it, they want to here all
the parts of his story, the good and the bad, they want to know that even
people like Pete have moments of disappointment, set-backs, and frustration and
that it's O.K., that just like Pete, they can overcome all of that with
determination and hard work. They also want to hear from someone who did it, that
it's WORTH IT. Most people that stop short of their goal do so because they
don't think it's worth it. Only when you reach your goal can you determine if
all the hard work was worth it.


If you've watched "The Biggest Loser" or heard about people
who have lost hundreds of pounds and have always thought to yourself "I wonder
what it would feel like to be able to do that?" well, now's your chance.


The first thing you need to do is REGISTER you and your team
and then WEIGH IN at one of the thousands of HealthyWage participating
gym locations and get started living the life you have always wanted to live!

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