Keep Your Joints & Muscles Healthy

Hello Chicago! 

rollIT.jpgI hope everyone is doing well and your 2010 has been very productive so far!

I wanted to share a quick fitness tip with you today that I use personally and with all of my clients to help prevent injury and keep my body feeling good after all of my workouts, what is it? 

It's called FOAM ROLLING and it's a joint saver! 

Foam rolling is a proven and effective way to help reduce the risk of injury while partaking in any form of physical exercise. It is particularly important for those of you just starting your New Year's Resolutions and are beginning to work out more frequently or with more intensity. See the following link for more information on foam rolling.

In a perfect world, you should foam roll both before and after your workout. Not many people, including myself, have that kind of time. Instead, try to do it either before or after your workout or in between sets. 1 minute of foam rolling between each set of leg exercises or upper body exercises can do wonders for your joints and muscles. Besides, most of us just sit on the machine or walk around and waste time in between sets anyway. By foam rolling in between your sets, you won't add  or have to cut out time from your workouts. 

Keep working hard Chicago; look on the bright side, we're almost half-way through January! 

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