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Once more about the Wachowskis, then I'll move on ...

The point I’m trying to make with my blog is that the film industry is changing to the digital/film industry.  Two city/states, LA, CA and NYC, NY have realized this but they’ve realized a long time ago that the film industry is a money maker for business, their state and their city.  CA usually brings... Read more »

Building for the future? I hope so.

About a month ago, the Trib had an article about the Wachowskis who are two of the most innovative front runners of what I refer to as the digital/film industry, today.  They understand the technology so well they can produce movies like the Matrix Trilogy and the currently running Cloud Atlas and throw in a video... Read more »

Credibility Issue for Chicago’s Film Industry

There was a great article in last Thursday’s Tribune A&E section (10/25/2012) about the Wachowskis titled ‘The Nerve Center’, the lead story.  The article is about the Wachowskis, their company and production house in Andersonville called Kinowerks.  They do remarkable projects.  The Matrix Trilogy (1999-2003) and Cloud Atlas (just released) are among them.  They are... Read more »


From ReelChicago– Surge of commercials shooting on Chicago locations (Sep 24, 2012) ‘A RECORD BREAKER? Six Chicago and L.A.-New York production companies are making September one of the busiest months of the year for commercial shoots on Chicago locations and more companies are setting up for October work. Santa Monica-based Box Industries is filming commercials for... Read more »


Finally, it’s looking good for a long running TV series for Chicago.  It’s been a long time coming.  This will be a prime time first rate TV series, not to take anything away from BOSS but the Hollywood Reporter is hinting at a winner ‘Dick Wolf’s new show about firefighters … might be NBC’s brightest... Read more »

SIDE BY SIDE … Chicago just doesn’t measure up.

I went to see Side by Side at the Gene Siskel Film Center.  It explores the development of cinema and the impact of digital filmmaking via in-depth interviews with Hollywood masters, such as James Cameron, David Fincher, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderberg, and many more. These are the elite filmmakers who are and have... Read more »


As we all know this fall season Chicago has three TV series premiering.  This is the first good news for Chicago since Transformers passed through in 2010. The icing on the cake would be if Chicago found out that a feature was to be scheduled for the end of the year or the beginning of... Read more »

WHERE IS EVERYONE GOING? Not to Chicago! In fact, they’re leaving!

It’s not like this is a new problem for Chicago’s film industry.  It was happening when Chicago was HOT but it didn’t make too much difference then because there was more than enough work for those who stayed.  And, when they made it big in LA or NYC we always said, “They’re from Chicago!” and... Read more »


What are we to do about the failing film industry?  No matter what anyone says about banner years, the film industry here is in trouble … big trouble.  For some reason, the state and the city are pouring millions into an old steel plant.  This is supposed to save the film industry.  Maybe, if this was during... Read more »


The whole concept of the Film Campus for Chicago’s film industry is an attempt to revive the failing film industry in Chicago and restore Chicago’s standing in the film industry.  This is a wake-up call for Chicago’s film community. The Film Campus would be an ideal situation if all the ducks lined up. Even if... Read more »